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If I wasn’t being whisked to Paris on a bloggers’ jolly, I’d pretty much definitely be hitting the V&A Village Fête this weekend. The action kicks off this evening (er like, now) and continues tomorrow arvo. My lovely jewellery-crafting buddy Leona from Lady Luck Rules OK and her team of creative cohorts are ramping things up on their stand with a giant game of Rock’n’Roll Tiddleywinks. What loons, I don’t even want to imagine the carnage.

There will also be the chance to win one of LLROK’s Rock’n’Roll Kitten necklaces (named after Leona’s punk kittens Dee Dee and Joey) which have been designed and handmade especially for the Fête.

BUT if you can’t make the Fête, you can still win a necklace – just enter this exclusive (er, I think) wee Disneyrollergirl competition by answering the following question:

If you could have any pet, what would it be and what famous superstar (dead or alive) would you name them after? 
Post your answer in the comments below and the necklace could be nuzzling against your clavicle in no time.
[Small print alert! Competition closes on Friday 31st July at midnight (British Summer Time). The Winner will be announced the following week.]
UPDATE: THE COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED>>>Don’t forget to check back here for the winner next Friday… 

FURTHER UPDATE>>> Here’s the winner

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100 Responses to Win stuff now!

  1. Claire says:

    Love it! I would want a black panther or a white tiger and I would call it Hendrix if it were male and Carine (after Roitfeld) if it were female. I recognise I've cheated a little bit there by effectively doubling up my answer, but it's best to be prepared!!

  2. Make Do Style says:

    Ah ha a Paris jolly! Have a fab time x

  3. Rollergirl says:

    Ah, good answer(s) Claire. I'm obv not entering the comp but what the hell… I'm not an animal fan but I like parrots so it would have to be a parrot named after Jimmy Saville. I would train him to say 'Now then, now then, now then' like this:

    (Clearly, there is no way I would win this competition, rock n roll I am not)

  4. mimi says:

    I would get me a little ocelot and name her siouxsie. She'd also sport the most hardcore crystal studded collar…

    thanks for posting this – looking forward to going to it tomorrow hopefully!

  5. Fiona says:

    I love how you say "whisked to Paris" as if it's no big deal, ahah.

    The necklace is cute! If I had a pet, I'd have a dog (because I'm just that original)..
    A maltese cross bred with a shih-tzu actually
    ( look at that dog. You can't tell me that isn't the cutest the ever!)

    I'd name him Galileo, because I think because the father of modern science automatically makes you a superstar.

  6. Sister Wolf says:

    An old goat named Madonna?

  7. Lucy (The Fashion Setter) says:

    That it so cute!
    My answer:
    A millipede called Imelda, after the wife of former Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos, because she was famous for owning 2,500 pairs of shoes.

  8. Lucy (The Fashion Setter) says:

    That it so cute!
    My answer:
    A millipede called Imelda, after the wife of former Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos, because she was famous for owning 2,500 pairs of shoes.

  9. Lucy (The Fashion Setter) says:

    That it so cute!
    My answer:
    A millipede called Imelda, after the wife of former Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos, because she was famous for owning 2,500 pairs of shoes.

  10. easternbitch says:

    I already have my dream pet, she's a black cat-lady named after Marie Antoinette – she was a hell of a superstar!

  11. revolutionaren says:

    I'd have a miniature piglet named Elvis. Or Elvis Pigsley when he's in trouble.

  12. laura says:

    id have an alpaca and name him lvis. just because elvis rocks and alpacas are cute.

  13. Sharna says:

    I would have a pair of Lionesses called "Freddie" and "Mercury" but together I'd call them my Killer Queens.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I would really love a cute little turtle to call Obama! I know he's not a superSTAR but he's super famous and a great politician. And could you imagine a little turtle called Obama? This is no offense to Obama.. I am a huge supporter of him and my mom voted for him :) Love the necklace,
    Claire xx

  15. Kashaya says:

    Love the necklace, so cute!

  16. SamSam says:

    I would have a unicorn, or if I have to be realistic a miniature pony called Karen, after Karen Carpenter. Would love a necklace as was too kack handed to win one at yesterday's fete…

  17. Mademoiselle Robot ❤ says:

    I'd like a capibara, I would call him Sufjan. I think the stupid looks of the capibara contrasting with the name would make me laugh each time I look at him.

    It was lovely meeting you, hope you got home safe x

  18. Sharon says:

    I'm a real cat person but I haven't been able to have a pet for a while but if I could get one tomorrow, I would freakin' ADORE a lil' kitten and I would name her 'Boots' after Little Boots. Just 'cause I think she rocks. I know she's more flavour of the month than superstar but I totally <3 her. And 'Boots' is a very generic name so it works for both male and female cats.

    <3 LLROK too! :)

  19. says:

    I'd have a unicorn. because, as my 3 year-old godson says, their horns are like wands. they can do magic with them. And speaking of magic, there obviously is no other option than calling that pet Mr Daniel Radcliffe.

  20. Lois says:

    It would be quite cool to have a cow called Angus… after Angus Young of AC/DC of course :)
    Maybe a ginger cat and some hedgehogs… Ginger and the Sonic Circus anyone? (Sonic – hedgehogs, geddit? maybe I'm trying to be too clever)
    Or how awesome would it be to name a male cat Abraham De Lacy Guiseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley, like in the Aristocats? I think that would be the best thing to name a cat, but mine's called Foxwell after the street the rescue centre found him on.

  21. Cc says:

    i would have a a peacock and name it cleopatra because of the graciousness and beauty it exempts!

  22. Kookie says:

    If I had a pet, it would be a purple dinosaur called Billie after Holiday but he will be a boy. He will of course be magical and have super powers such as cake vision and the ability to guess whatever number you are thinking of but he can't tell you because being a magic purple dinosaur, he can't talk. We will shop at Tesco and he will wait in the car park eating anyone who gives him a ticket. He will watch topical news shows, eat lemon biscuits, and have a bouncy tum to jump on as long as you take of your shoes and socks first. Failing that, I'll have a pony called David Bowie.

  23. jessisloot says:

    I would have a turkey called marcell after the monkey in friends. After all that monkey is a legend! :)

  24. Jodie says:

    I would have a llama and I would call it Alanis after Alanis Morisette!

  25. jodiepodie says:

    I would have to goats one chubby one and one skinnier one and I would call them Trinny and Susannah!

  26. Leahhhrr says:

    awww i think i would name him Toulouse (The Aristocats) Why? one look at him reminded straight of him! So cute love blog xx

  27. Leahhhrr says:

    Oh no i got it wrong!
    I would have a mouse called Toulouse. I was going to have a tom cat but i thought maybe not because it's them same as the prize?

  28. P says:

    I would have a cat named Oscar Wilde and he would wear dinner jackets. And be great at parties.

  29. Lauren Shaw says:

    As an English teacher, I consider Mr. Shakespeare to be a bit of a celeb, so I hope you will too. I would name my kitty "Willy Shakes" after the bard himself. It would be quite fitting since he would wear a ruffly collar just like old Bill and he would always be shakin' that tail of his! ;)

  30. caryseen says:

    besides the lovely two cats i have….i would have another smoky solid grey cat with green or yellow eyes & i would name her josephine after josephine baker.

    i would love to nestle the rock 'n' roll cat against my clavicle!! i can't believe i forgot about the v&a fete!

  31. Sarah says:

    I'd have a horse called Nico. I'm not much of a rider, but I like the idea of her saying, in her finest Nico accent, 'Darlink, let's stay in today. Pass me ze skag…' with the longest horse face ever!

  32. Rosie Alia says:

    Good golly, miss molly, this necklace is amazing. i love it. im upset i missed the fete!
    I would have a little (preferably baby blue or pink furred) kitten in a jumper, that would stay a tiny cute kitten forever. I would knit it new jumpers to wear so we could match., and I would turn one of your personalised heart name necklaces into a collar to match my double-heart name necklace (its my pride and joy!). And it would come everywhere with me. She'd be my bestest friend. And her name would be Bettie after Bettie Page.

  33. Llara says:

    I'd have a Toucan called Bobby Brown cause Toucan play that game. Fnar!! xx

  34. Cait. says:

    i would have a kitten called lennon (john lennon). Or if the kitten was a girl id call her sheena as in Sheena is a punk rocker by The Ramones because i love that song.

  35. Felicity says:

    Now I'm torn between the scaly option, or the fluffy one, but if we're talking superstars, there's nowt more rock and roll than a lizard. So it would have to be a bearded dragon (or maybe a blue tongued skink?) called Fabrizio (Moretti).

    Woop Woop! x x x

  36. scuffed says:

    I would have a little dormouse called Bowie. Instead of sawdust he would have stardust… failing that, barry m eye glitter.
    He will also love to listen to German techno and is in desperate need of a lycra mouse-suit.

  37. Sammy Sparrer says:

    Bloody Brillant design,
    I would love two leopard print kittens (bengal kitten) and would call them it "Iggy" and "Pop" because Iggy is a brillant musician, my favourite pattern is leopard print and cats are just too cool for school, Perrrrrfect combination!

  38. emperessemma says:

    I'd have a big black fluffy rabbit called Clara Bow. She'd sit there in a way that is sexy to rabbits and not say anything.

  39. Shahana Rahman says:

    Hello! Wowsers! that is an uber super necklace! I would have a siamese cat (though that is not as exotic as some of the other pets, I am hideously allergic to everything so I can only fantasise about owning a pet, or even stepping within a three mile radius of one) and I would name him Chairman Miaow and he would ironically protect us from the *ahem* communist threat ;) x

  40. Adele says:

    I would have to have a tortoise named after Adam Ant. It would probably make more sense to name an ant after Adam Ant , but i've always wanted a tortoise.

  41. lola lollypop says:

    a leopard named lulabelle with a patent leather and gold collar i reckon….

  42. LittlePinkFairy says:

    I love this competition!
    OK, it would have to be a chimpanzee called…. Jagger, amazing!!! x

  43. Georgie said says:

    I would get a pair of Axolotls and call them Axel and Rose :-) They look like real life pokemon!


  44. Katiecakes says:

    I'd really love a mini horse to keep in my back garden, I'd name her Nigella as she'd be rubenesque and beautiful!

    Katie xox

  45. Robbie Romero says:

    I'd have an Alpaca & name it Peggy, after Simon Pegg. His silly little 'can't grow a real beard' reminds me of there fur!

  46. Miss D says:

    Oooooo there are some fabtastic answers ^.^

    I would have a pet rock and call him Ramone XxXx

  47. liv says:

    So hard to choose! There are many pets I would want (and many superstars I would name them after!) One I would like is a baby mediterranean monk seal named Bette Davis. Unique, rare, and special, she would be timid (unlike her namesake), modest and playful, as yet to realise and unleash her full superstar potential.


  48. K! says:

    I would have a big fat black kitty called Barry White, he will lay by the fire and purr in the key of looove :)

  49. charlottefrench says:

    hi there!!
    it would be a tiny oug and would call him jeff after jeff buckley…

  50. rubyslippers says:

    As cats most definitely rock, I’d have a pair of cute kittens. A black one called Sid (as in Sid Vicious – Sex Pistols) and a blondie / tan one called Nancy (Sid’s ill-fated girlfriend) :-)

  51. Anonymous says:

    id have a poisionus frog called sid vicious

  52. says:

    I'd have a harmless leaf eating sloth and call him Vicious after Sid.

  53. Aoife says:

    Hmm.. I would have a Bumblebee and I would call it Darwin, after Charles Darwin. He used to get his kids to follow bumblebees round his garden to help him find out what flowers they went to – Cute!

  54. Beckaroo. says:

    Well I've always wanted a pet pig since watching Uptown Girls in which the character Britney Murphy played Molly had a pet pig called Mu. Mu meaning Chinese for pig i even named my pet Chihuahua Mu :L
    My original name for my pet pig if i ever got one would be Little Miss Princess of Narnia she would be female of course. :)
    But i suppose if i had to name her or maybe him now after a celebrity, i think I'd call him or her Banksy; simply because Banksy himself is an amazing artist, but he's anonymous which i think amplifies his art and the one of the queen being a lesbian is just inspiring :)

  55. Beth ox says:

    If i had a pet it would have to a sheep and id call it Strummer after Joe Strummer of the Clash. I know sheep are hardly punk but oh well.

  56. says:

    sooo pretty!
    i already hav my two cats named iggy (after iggy pop) and deedee (after dee dee ramone) so i guess i'm already living the rock n roll dream. x

  57. charlottefrench says:

    sorry wrote oug instead of pug …

  58. dothefunkychiken says:

    I would have a pet ant named Adam, after eighties new-wave legend Adam Ant.

    I would use a tiny toothpick to carefully paint two white stripes on his back (attempting to paint the feelers would perhaps be one step too far),and his home would be fashioned out of a disgarded pirate hat.

  59. Gem says:

    I already had a Guinea Pig who had a little black quiff… So I named Her Elvis after Elvis Presley =)

  60. Showtime Synergy says:

    If I could have any pet, it would be a donkey & I think I'd have to name it after my current celebrity obession – Lady GaGa! :o)

  61. Jess ***(L) says:

    I'd have a cheetah and call it doris day lol cos cheetahs have amazing skin, feel safe and confident in it and are sexy lyk doris back in the day!

  62. Jess ***(L) says:

    I'd have a cheetah and call it doris day lol cos cheetahs have amazing skin, feel safe and confident in it and are sexy lyk doris back in the day!

  63. Jess ***(L) says:

    I'd have a cheetah and call it doris day lol cos cheetahs have amazing skin, feel safe and confident in it and are sexy lyk doris back in the day!

  64. Jessssssssssssss says:

    Well… I would have a great big horsey called Jarvis (as in Jarvis Cocker, glasses-wearer extraordinaire), and i would ride around my hometown on him whilst wearing my superb captain hat, and I would wave at all the villagefolk and they would be dazzled by my shiny face and Jarvis's mane.

  65. Amber says:

    This is the cutest necklace I think Ive ever seen!
    I would deffinatly want a Panda male panda called Caleb after my favourite singer out of KOL.
    Caleb would be the hottest in the Panda world and he would have a military style bandana that it would wear everywhere he went.

  66. Sue Hyams says:

    It would have to be a wolf called Kurt (after Kurt Cobain). Though not that cute really?

  67. pearls and polaroids says:

    i would have a pet iguana named aggy d!
    although i do know a bunny naamed after charles the first :p xxx

  68. natalie says:

    Easy! A giraffe named Elvis. :)

  69. DrasticVanity says:

    Wish I could go, sounds amazing but have an amazing time in Paris!
    I would defo. get a baby fennec hare because they are WAY too cute and I would call it Bugs Bunny and then it can nibble on little carrots all day and repeat the phrase: "What's Up, Doc?" over and over again…ok, I think I am going a little too far >.<

  70. ♥Katie says:

    …a cute lil monkey named Harry Houdini! OF COURSE! (=

  71. zoe says:

    my animal of choice would definately be a cat becuase cats are the superior species and its name would have to be boris pasternak becuase all cats have a hidden russian poet inside of them just waiting to emerge

  72. Posh Lady Loz says:

    I would have a Maremma sheepdog called Marilyn Monroe because the big white coat reminds me of her famous white dress :)

  73. shineone_1 says:

    If I could have a animal of my choice I would pick a English bulldog, a dog of such stature would have to be named Ron Jeremy after the fat, lovable, and hairy king of adult movies.

  74. jaydeepunk says:

    Hmm a pet named after a famous person, a monkey named Mikey J, after the legend that is Michael Jackson :) R.I.P

  75. Manda says:

    Hey, great comp!
    I would adore a white and ginger kitty who I would call Blondie, because I love the 80s and cats are my ultimate god :)

  76. Amber says:

    I'd have an owl named Plath, after Sylvia Plath. Her literary genius makes her a superstar to me and I think the owl is the perfect embodiment of her wisdom and insight (the way they always seem to be watching and listening and can turn their heads 135 degrees) and her fierce ambition and brilliance (their ruthless hunting abilities).

  77. Gwen says:

    What a fun competition and fab necklace!! I would have a fawn (baby deer) and name her after Audrey Hepburn :) She would be wearing a studded diamond collar-necklace from Tiffany's(I'll have it customized somehow). Yes, she will be very spoiled <3

    Thanks for hosting this and Good Luck everyone!

  78. Isobel Frances Harrop says:

    I would simply love a Teacup Pig named Vivienne (Westwood). Although Teacup pigs are possibly the CUTEST animal in the world (bar that gorgeous little kitty on that there necklace!) The titchy beauts are mad and fun much like the one and only, beloved Viv! xxx

  79. Sazzy G says:

    I would get a sea monkey and name it Marley [after Bob innit]

  80. Sazzy G says:

    I'd chose a sea monkey and name it Marley [after Sir Bob innit]

  81. Ellie says:

    I just got a cute little black and white kitten and i named her Lola Harlow.
    Lola – a shortening of Lolita, as in the movie because my kitten likes to sunbathe in the backyard too and Harlow – after Jean Harlow because she was the orginial blonde bombshell and my kitten likes to act like a bit of a diva!!

  82. child of saturn says:

    i would have an elephant named Francis-Bean. it would be epic!

  83. miss mellie says:

    i want a bulldog and name him Cash (after Johnny)

  84. nina_bambina says:

    Ooh, choices choices!! I would have a little crocodile called Kurt (after Cobain) and a goldfish called Buddy (after Holly). Two completely different animals for my two completely different favourite singers!!

  85. Gemjams says:

    I already have a deaf jack russel called The Fonz but if I could have any animal it would have to be a chimp called Rita (Hayworth).
    Then she and the Fonz can be best friends.

  86. Somthing about Everything says:

    I would have a Zorse

    and name it Michael Jackson in memory of the deceased.


  87. Willow says:

    I would have a black Shire Horse Named Noel after Noel fielding!!!

  88. Esme says:

    well, i just bought a really cute hamster and called him after my idol and incorporated and gave him an awesome name which is Prince Michael III. i hope this counts and i win coz that is an amazing necklace! woo xx

  89. Liina says:

    It's hard to choose, but I think I would have a dolphin or a penguin. Very typical pets, huh?
    The dolphin would be of course "Dean the Dolphin" (after James Dean) and the penguin "Buckley" (after Jeff Buckley).

  90. Rhi Bailey says:

    a dragon named bowie.

  91. CamPam says:

    I would definatly want a monkey and name it after Michael Jackson. The inspiration for this is from the song "Man most move", where there is a line that goes like this;"A monkey needs to dance, so do you!" So I'd be counting on my monkey to be bustin' some moves, just like the late and fab Jacko!:D

  92. FunkyJunkJewellery says:

    I would ideally love a mini baby woolly mammoth and I would call it Franklin after Aretha. Failing that, a rabbit with the same name!!

  93. Laura says:

    My favourite star is Kate Bush for her beautiful voice, incredibly original music and amazing style and wild dance moves!
    So i would have a gentle snow leopard cub, which is every bit as magical and mesmerising as kates performances.
    Though it would be tame and calm, it would have a wild side and never fails to surprise.
    i would take my cub out to frolic and roll with me while I dance barefoot on the moors and teach her to wail 'heathclifffe… its mee..' !

  94. hannah louise says:

    gotta be a baby panda called Motley after all the eyeliner them boys wore!

  95. Erin says:

    Love this necklace sooo much!!!

    I'd call my cat, 'Cat' after Aurdrey Hepburn's (my fave leading lady)cat in Breakfast At Tiffanys. That is rather a famous cat.


  96. Sophie says:

    My pet would be a giant panda called Steavie Wonder because he is always smiling and reminds me of a big teddy bear that you just want to cuddle!

  97. Snowdrop says:

    If we are really talking fantasy pets, I think I want something no one else has. My very own type of pet born from my noggin named after Joey Ramome. He shall be a Hullabaloo! Yes it's made up but you did say any pet I wanted! Here is a poem about my pet….

    The Hullabaloo.

    I last saw “Joey” at half past 5,
    In the morning when I was barely alive
    When he woke me with a terrible din
    And got himself caught in the garden swing.

    I asked “What do you think you’re doing
    At this time in the morning? Hullabalooing?”
    He swung ‘round three times and then he just said,
    “I’ll sorry to wake you out of your bed”.

    He said “I AM a Hullabaloo”
    Which is why he was making such a to do.
    It didn’t take long for my eyes to see
    That instead of two eyes he really had three.

    He had seven legs and was furry and fat,
    He was wearing a necktie and a top hat.
    After I freed him we drank cups of tea
    And talked about polos and what’s on TV.

    He said he likes ant farms and kung fu and jelly,
    Listening to the Ramones and rubbing his belly,
    He then ate the teapot and tucked me back in
    And went back to the garden to make a big din.

    I also drew a pic….

    Excuse the bad poem and pic, I am made of thumbs. :o)

  98. Fabric Nation says:

    It has to be kittens everytime! I would adopt a cat that had just had lots of kittens, and the kittens too. The cat would be called Mrs Slocombe and the kittens would be called Omar, Snoop, Stringer and The Greek. I'm sure Mrs Slocombe would make sure they all beheave, and I would take every opportunity tell the other cats 'Omar's coming'…

  99. Amble says:

    i would have a kitten called charlie…oh, wait i already do lol. she's named after charlie the unicorn and i wouldn't change her or her name for anything in the world

  100. Anonymous says:

    I would like to have a georgous snow leapord with wide emerald eyes called Jimmi Hendrix (male after the rock god) or for a female Audrey Hepburn after the most elegant actress of all time!!!
    I love snow leopards!!! they're exctinct and amazzing!!!!! :)

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