Whip your hair

There’s only one thing catching my eye in this Meisel-lensed Lanvin campaign and it ain’t the clothes. (Also, when did everyone start saying ‘lensed’?)

One, two, three and whip it!

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8 Responses to Whip your hair

  1. A La Mode says:

    Wow I love these. Energy is always present in Miesel's photographs.

  2. Kerry says:

    I whip my hair back and forth!!

    Love this shoot!!

    Please follow me lovely fashion people, it would be greatly appreciated!


  3. Sister Wolf says:

    Let's NEVER say "lensed!"

  4. Hapsical says:

    hah, i was just pondering 'lensed' the other day too!

  5. Snow Black says:

    That's a great editorial. I love the room they are in.

  6. young-shields says:

    Perhaps the only thing better would be if it were to star Willow Smith

  7. Lexie D says:

    Its like the Mango shoot with Oliva Palermo.. but with way more attitude!… loving the posts x

  8. amourette says:


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