What’s the deal with Juergen and Marc?

There is a great post on Cathy Horyn’s blog about the working relationship between Marc Jacobs and Juergen Teller, following a piece she wrote for the New York Times. For once, the comments are worth a read too, not so self-indulgent and you don’t feel like you’ve stumbled upon a private gathering (as I often do when reading the comments on that blog). There are some interesting thoughts on the Victoria Beckham ads which have been the subject of much brouhaha in the blogosphere, plus the debate on whether Juergen’s work is art or commerce. Go read!

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4 Responses to What’s the deal with Juergen and Marc?

  1. enc says:

    I read it, it was indeed an interesting piece. I like the ads because they’re not hackneyed like so much else out there. MJ will move to a new idea at just the right instant. He always does.

  2. The Fashion Assistant and her Camera says:

    wow what kind of an ad is this?

  3. Iheartfashion says:

    That was a really interesting article (and I know what you mean about Cathy’s blog being a private party, with dissertation-style posts from regulars). The Marc+Juergen ads are so compelling because they aren’t like anything else out there, and hardly seem like ads.

  4. laia. says:

    Thanks for the links, I totally missed out on those. The Marc Jacobs ads are the smartest because they sell a feeling and a connection, without that you would never feel compelled to spend exorbitant amounts of money on a pair of shoes or a blouse. I love the stuff Juergen does and have been collecting all the ads throughout the years.

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