Whatever Next?

Until I was sent a complimentary one to try out (thanks LG!), I didn’t even know what a netbook was. Now they’re bloody everywhere! I love the concept – a lightweight, compact laptop that’s easily transportable – and clearly so do many others. The latest development of the netbook is the ‘digital clutch’. (Why do marketing people think the only way to market technology to women is by giving things fluffy fashion and make-up related names? Anyone would think we can’t relate to stuff if it’s not connected in some way to the way we look. Er…GUILTY!)

Anyway, HP started it with their Vivienne Tam-designed* ‘digital clutch’. According to the blurb, it’s “a digital clutch that complements this spring’s outfits perfectly. Weighing just 1.1kg, the 10.1 inch HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition is both lightweight and ultra-portable. It also features a wrist lanyard ring so that you can carry it in your hand without it slipping to the floor.” Tres chic.

Not to be outdone, the latest Sony Vaio has an 8-inch screen and is ‘small enough to fit in many pockets’. Hmmm, I don’t know many pockets that big but you know, maybe that could be something for designers to think upon for SS2010…?

Finally, from next month, UK high street fashion retailer Next will be selling £99 ‘handbag-sized’ netbooks to appeal to women-on-the-go. Expect a brace of UK fashionistas of the Henry Holland/Giles/PPQ type to be enlisted for netbook-decorating purposes…

*Note, she didn’t design the actual computer, just the fancy floral casing.

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15 Responses to Whatever Next?

  1. KimLeeStar says:

    hmmmmm interesting, not sure about all the floral designs and all that jazz, but then again, it’s advertising/marketing at it’s best. so did you find it handy then?

  2. KimLeeStar says:

    i wonder when apple will create a smaller version of the macbook air

  3. Make Do Style says:

    Oh I just the floral design on its own merit. I’m a crackberry addict so I need to step away from more possible addictions!

  4. Sal says:

    Curious to see if this will catch on. Seems like a clunky middle ground between phones and laptops … not a sleek solution to anything.

  5. Rachie-Pie says:

    ahh i think the next one looks quite cool! altho the floral one…urmm are people not scared that they can easily mislay these notebooks if you carry it as a clutch?!

  6. pretty face says:

    God, can you imagienif they got designers to design the actual computers?!?

    I have to admit to loving it nonetheless, however much that makes me conform to female stereotypes..

  7. Nil says:

    I was wondering when the technology world would design a computer with lots of colors and patterns on it. Am I the only one who got bored of this grey,black,white only designs? I want new alternatives! And that’s a start :)

  8. Sarah Von says:

    Oooh! I am a full-fledged internet addict, these look delicious!

  9. susie_bubble says:

    Was intrigued by the Viv Tam one….but Next?!?!

  10. MsQuiche says:

    OMG I am so getting (but so don’t need) a netbook. The Vaio is super sexy but not in the least a realistic prospect. The lime or pink Next netbook could possibly work though…

  11. the fashion assistant says:

    OMG it’s perfect for blogging!!!! I agree with KimLeeStar, I really hope Apple will create a smaller version with perhaps more GB hard-drive/internal memory whatever you call it. Would be a great idea to take to shoots etc.

  12. tor (fabfrocks) says:

    I would even pretend to use it for work/blogging on the go.
    Lying to myself and googling them….

  13. V says:

    wow that sounds amazing. love your blog.

    great post

  14. Oh says:

    Also note: Eee PC

    It is a really slick machine, suitable for novices and serious computer users. And as for fitting in pockets… it slipped gracefully into my Arc-Teryx. In the world of fashion + function, it was a perfect fit.

  15. Sarah Edwina Rose says:

    Technology keeps surprising me! I am still recoiling from seeing a man reading a digital book on the tube. A tiny computer might be handy but surely it is difficult to work on?? I will stick with my mac for now, though that flower print ‘clutch’ attracts me more than I would like to admit..

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