What to wear to a wedding

Just seen this photo of a gaggle of Lula lovelies at (Lula editor) Leith Clark’s wedding. I never know what to wear to weddings as I hate being all trussed up and it’s inevitably cold or raining. I applaud the combo here of floaty chiffon or tulle with a biker jacket (Mary Charteris) or chunky jumper (Alexa Chung), or the alternative option of tailored trousers with a silk blouse (Luella Bartley) which is much more my wedding uniform. Heels aren’t a must (although Alexa’s Charlotte Olympia kitty shoes are frankly the best thing ever) – ballet flats or lace-ups are just as acceptable if teamed with enough girlish silk or taffeta.

This is really a very English way of dressing, punctuated by unkempt natural prettiness and windswept hair. And here’s the bride. C’est sweet, c’est chic!

[Images: MrBlasberg.com ]

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2 Responses to What to wear to a wedding

  1. Obsessed with these photos!

  2. hipslikeboys says:

    aren’t you gonna says something about THAT pair of legs? is the picture by Oliviero Toscani? is it Aids? is it poverty?

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