What Are You Like?

I really must get myself along to the Dulwich Picture Gallery for this fabulously fun illustration exhibition. What Are You Like is taken from a Victorian game of describing yourself with pictures of your favourite things, like a self-portrait. So artists like Peter Blake, Quentin Blake, Jack Penate and many others have been invited to partake by illustrating 8 of their favourite things from a list of twelve, including their favourite animal, book, clothes, comfort, food, place, shoes, weather … you get the idea. The fun bit is that the artworks aren’t labelled so you have to guess who created which picture.

Even better, there is the chance to join in and make your own ‘What Are You Like’ self portrait and the winning effort gets displayed on the Dulwich Picture Gallery website and in the gallery itself! Ooh, fetch me my scrapbbooks! I feel a collage coming on…

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6 Responses to What Are You Like?

  1. Top Bird says:

    Sounds fantastic, right up my kinda alley. I'd love to borrow Rob Ryan to do the job for me! xx

    p.s. I've decided to give H&M/CdG a miss tomorrow morning. Feeling slightly under the weather, and I was only really going to go if I got tickets to the Vogue preview. I'm both low on cash and in no mood for battling the crowds over the last polka-dot cardie. You must tell us how you get on!

  2. Big City Bumpkin says:

    I love things like this! How did you hear about it?

  3. Rollergirl says:

    Top Bird: I've got an acupuncture appointment at 1030 so I don't know if I'll make the H&M scrum now. I did see them setting up in the store near Bond Street this evening and the trench coat caught my eye but…I have a trench already! So dunno what I will do. Maybe I'll see what's left in the scrapheap in the afternoon. I didn't get a ticket to the Vogue shenanigan either.

    Big City Bumpkin: Me too! I read about it in Vogue aaages ago!

  4. Sal says:

    What a fantastical idea! Please visit this exhibit, and take lots of photos … wanna live vicariously.

  5. atelier says:

    sounds great!

  6. indigo16 says:

    It is a small but perfectly formed exhibition. I went last week and I am now in the process of trying to do one of my own.

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