Wednesday gigwatch #1

I haven’t been to a gig for ages so was quite pleased to see that both Wendy James and The Plastiscines were playing last Wednesday night. Wendy James was my style crush when I was growing up, she was a kind of sexier, poppier version of Courtney Love in terms of her pretty-meets-punk look and though her band Transvision Vamp was dismissed as mere eye candy for eighties adolescents, I’m not ashamed to say I actually still love all their tunes. Her new incarnation is The Racine World, similar guitar-led songs and the signature gravelly voice but rougher around the edges. For some reason, the gig was moved at the eleventh hour from Astoria2 to Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes. A weird choice of venue (people were actually bowling while the bands were on, like…huh?) but rather cosy and good for getting a front-of-the-stage view. As usual, I was as interested in the audience as the band…how breathtaking is this red-lipped angel with perfectly matched belt?

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5 Responses to Wednesday gigwatch #1

  1. Sheryl Wong says:

    I love what the girl has done for the tee with the belt. Almost perfect.

  2. Natty says:

    I used to love Transvision Vamp – love love love love all your money!….

    She is looking good!

  3. Natty says:

    oops -im getting my early 90’s bands mixed up – i was quoting the lyrics to Daisy Chainsaw in my first comment to you, or was it Fuzzbox? Either way, Wendy James still looks like she rocks it.

  4. Queen Michelle says:

    God Wendy James is still kicking around? She looks great I have to say.
    Natty, I went to see Daisy Chainsaw when they were first together! Oh the shame!!

  5. enc says:

    She looked great. And what about her friend with the matching t-shirt?

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