Watch the making of Valentino’s lace espadrilles!

When Jim Shi first tweeted a photo of Valentino’s lace espadrilles from the ss12 runway, I thought it was tres decadent. I mean really, who buys lace espadrilles? I thought they were just for the show but how wrong I was. Not only have they gone into production, you can buy them here and watch the making-of video. Enjoy…

Buy Valentino’s lace espadrilles (I dare you) at Netaporter

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2 Responses to Watch the making of Valentino’s lace espadrilles!

  1. Sian @ What Lies Beneath says:

    I absolutely love these!

  2. This video is so interesting, thanks for sharing! It seems letting us into the world of how luxury items are hand crafted and manufactured is a bit of a trend at the moment with luxury designer brands. Can’t wait to see the ‘Leather Forever’ Hermes exhibition at the Royal Academy with craftspeople actually making bags at the show.

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