Excuse me but when did Wallpaper* get this good? I heard rumblings that Hedi Slimane was guest-editing the latest issue and those rumblings have turned out to be true. Not only that but Jeff Koons and Dieter Rams have also guest-edited so there are three different covers to collect! (Um…does anyone actually do this?)

I decided to have a browse before parting with my five-odd quid and wow, it’s pretty damn amazing. The whole magazine looks great but I especially loved the fashion shoot in various designers’ archives. Genius! Can you imagine how much fun that shoot was playing with Valentino’s old dresses and Louis Vuitton’s vintage steamer trunks?

Turns out Wallpaper* has also ramped up its fashion week coverage and features daily reports and galleries – www.wallpaper.com/fashion. Go look!

Pic: www.wallpaper.com

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8 Responses to Wallpaper*

  1. Chic and Charming says:

    I’ve been in love with Wallpaper for several years, but it is SO expensive in the US. I end up just browsing through it in the bookstore, because I just can’t afford to take it home with me all that often!

  2. riz says:

    wallpaper rocks…i’ve done so many posts using them…they even did a piece on the inside of Dover Street Market. Their images are gorgeous!

  3. Kaybar007 says:

    Chic and charming – the cheapest place in the world to get a subscription is the US, it’s about fifty bucks including delivery. If you order online instead of via the mag you can save up to 30% off the cover price: Online subs offers. I know it’s still expensive compared to US publications but think of the added value :)

  4. Sarissa Carlsson says:

    a belated thanks for the blog comments, is it bad that i don’t knnow what wallpaper magazine is? how much does it cost anyway, looks like someone ain’t happy with it up there ^^ sarissa x

  5. Chic and Charming says:

    Thanks for the tip for ordering online! I’ll look into that!

  6. discothequechic says:

    I always dismissed it as being one of those magazines that had a nice concept but didn’t actually work for me in reality..

    but maybe I should actually give it a chance first.

    No, I really don’t think anyone does collect them. Esp when they’re a fiver+ each. Collectors only.

    I like the stag heads one best.

    S xx

  7. V*Kstro says:

    Wallpaper* is one of my all time fav magz, and when they did these guest editotial they took it up to the next level… especially chosing the guest editors.

    The piece on Dove Street Market was one of the best. Can’t wait to go there!

  8. dianabobar says:

    Oh I’d love to get it too! But there’s no place around here where to find it, unfortunately. If you do get it, please share:) at least a bit of it.
    jeff koons.wow

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