With Wallis Simpson at the moment. Oh to play dress-up with her couture and Cartier baubles. Here’s a great wee clip of Mr and Mrs Simpson…

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  1. Ellen Burney says:

    I have read a couple of books on her and while she is a interesting / horrific character, I could never get too excited by the wardrobe of a Nazi-sympathiser. I have never wanted to glamorise her as from what I’ve read she really was an atrocious woman and other than playing her part in history, the less we see of her (Madonna!) the better. IMHO. x

    • Verena says:

      Thanks, I wanted to say something similar! I’m still curious how Madonna’s film will turn out. But I guess that’s more of a ‘will she be a better director than actress’ thing than a Wallis thing. Let’s see if she cuts out the bad bits.

  2. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Thanks Ellen, this is interesting too about Coco Chanel and Jeanne Touissant…


  3. Ellen Burney says:

    Interesting. (hides Chanel filofax.)x

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