Last chance to vote Disneyrollergirl in the Dazed/G-Star Raw blog awards. Even if you’ve voted before, you can do so again. Today is the last day… Click here to vote!

Thank you!

UPDATE: The poll is over, the votes have been counted. Congratulations to Jak & Jil for winning the biggie and to my fellow shortlistees for being nominated.

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5 Responses to VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

  1. Make Do Style says:

    I've done my duty! In fact I've done my duty every day so if you don't win I'll be f in g annoyed!!

  2. tor (fabfrocks) says:

    Done done and done again (nearly every day in fact!) Hope you win!!

  3. Rollergirl says:

    Thanks you guys. I owe you!

  4. hippyhippychic says:

    i've voted, good luck!!!

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