Vintage rollerskating ephemera: Incredible!

Vintage Summit Illinois skate label

1883 Roller Skating invitation

A letter home to the skating rink

Vintage Oaks Park skate label

Vintage Salt Lake City skate label

Vintage Missouri skate label

Vintage Sinking Springs, PA skate label

Keystone Roller Rink - Sayre, Pennsylvania

Rollerway Skating Rink - Sacramento, California

1962 Roller Capades - Portland, OR

1954 Roller Skating Guide

Skating Insurance

Casino Gardens Roller Rink - Clearlake, California

[Images: Flickr]

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2 Responses to Vintage rollerskating ephemera: Incredible!

  1. SoapiUK says:

    Wow I this old advertising looks incredible. love love love it!

  2. jill (dot) says:

    Love these graphics.. I was born in Salt Lake City btw. Hope all’s well. x

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