*VIDEO*: Imagine Fashion featuring Disneyrollergirl

If you’re not familiar with Imagine Fashion, let me enlighten you. The two-year-old video editorial site presents short films and interviews looking into the minds of fashion creatives – remember this one with Leila Menchari, who has dreamt up Hermes’ dreamy window displays for 35 years?

As part of its series ‘Creative Minds’, Imagine Fashion has featured probing interviews with Dennis Freedman, Susie Bubble, Scott Schuman and Constanza Pascolato. Oh and me (interviewed by Godfrey Deeny at the beautiful Couturelab store). Click here or watch below…

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3 Responses to *VIDEO*: Imagine Fashion featuring Disneyrollergirl

  1. Hi Navaz,

    Couldnt understand a word you said in the video. Audio is shockingly bad.



  2. Not your fault….i listened to it at home over the weekend. Turns out the speakers in my office are not the best. Great piece. x

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