Vice ‘Love Blogging’ video

Pssst, did I mention made a video about me and my thoughts on blogging? *Gulp*…

The video is part of a great series which includes some other ace fashion bloggers – Bip Ling and Discotheque Confusion are coming up soon!

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6 Responses to Vice ‘Love Blogging’ video

  1. Kit says:

    I enjoyed it very much.


  2. Natalie Hughes says:

    I LOVE this! And I audibly swooned over the Celine bag and Hermes cuff.

  3. etoilee8 says:

    You have a nice voice and you explain the things you love in a way which makes total and perfect sense. Something about watching this video was very calming to me, you have a pleasant demeanor (or maybe it was that subtle, calming music). All in all, really enjoyed this.

  4. blue says:

    So nice to put a voice to your blog.And you have such beautiful elegant hands. You made a lot of sense,it was very refreshing and like the other comment said -very calming .

  5. blue says:

    I have also noticed that many fashion bloggers featured have VERY nice chairs!

  6. Kaz says:


    Its not just her voice (or the calming music), she does have a pleasant demeanor in person as well

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