First look: UK September Vogue

As much as we all love digital, there’s still nothing that beats holding that all-important Vogue September issue in your hands. And then devouring it page by page (a breathless flick through first, then a more considered pace of page-turning). This year’s September issue is so good. I love the features in Vogue as much as the editorials and there’s a really tantalising mix this month. Also, good news on the advertising front – ad revenue for September Vogue is up 11.5% with 267 ad pages. By the way, there’s an added bonus this issue too – a free catwalk DVD cover mount…

Rifat’s Return. A great piece on Rifat Ozbek. I was just saying yesterday how bored I get with new designer this, emerging talent that. I love discovering newness as much as anyone but it doesn’t make the ‘old’ irrelevant

Cultured Clash. British Vogue dream team of Javier Vallhonrat, Lucinda Chambers and Stella Tennant. I love the fact that Stella is slightly showing her age here and hasn’t been airbrushed to oblivion. (Shame Jonathan Saunders wasn’t featured in this editorial, would have been a perfect fit, no?)

The Turbulent Life of John Galliano. I haven’t read this yet but I’m expecting a revealing read

Light Work. Mad ‘hair in the air’ shoot with Anja Rubik by Josh Olins. I love this polythene T-shirt by William Hendry…

Marc Jacobs white collar, a snip at £390 (I’ll take six)!

The Beat Goes On. Daniel Jackson’s evocative 60s-90s androgyny story with the wonderful Sojourner Morrell (I’ll even forgive the Jil Sander ski pants)

Sojourner’s on the back page too – she paints! she rides! she plays music!

Loving this DAKS ad

First Lady of Cool. J Crew’s Jenna Lyons’ house by Todd Selby! (PS: J Crew launches in the UK this month… OMGGGG!)

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5 Responses to First look: UK September Vogue

  1. Jenny Chan says:

    I am equally excited about J Crew’s launch in the UK as well!

  2. Fashionmeal says:

    LOVE this. I’m totally going to get me one of those when I get back from India.
    Which as of now seems like about a century away. :(

  3. JM says:

    Love that DAKS ad, especially the fact that the junction between skirt and top aligns with the treeline behind – really beautifully composed!
    Thought the brand had disappeared, good to see it back on form . . .

  4. Ekaterina says:

    I don’t have a clue why did I fell in love with Vogue London but I renew my subscribtion for about 5 years now :) It’s the only way to get it in my far away russian hometown. Surprisingly every new issue comes to me earlier than Vogue Russia appears on the stands! Still wait for my august issue though :)

  5. B) says:

    I think Josh Olins also did the Daks ad. Whataguy

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