Are Twitter-checkers causing magazine sales to slide?

This is an interesting snippet about why fewer people are buying print magazines. According to Biz Report, the ‘mobile blinder’ effect (people hypnotised by the constant feeds on their cell phones) means customers aren’t picking up magazines at the supermarket checkout anymore. In the US,  newsstand sales of magazines are down by 8%. I’m definitely one,of those people who checks Twitter at any given moment (but I’m trying to break the habit). Are you?

[Image: Miles Aldridge/NYT]

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One Response to Are Twitter-checkers causing magazine sales to slide?

  1. SJP says:

    I regularly check Twitter but for me, consuming media through my phone and through a magazine are two totally different things. Twitter/social media is great for on the go info and entertainment but magazines are less rushed, a little indulgent ‘me’ time that I see as relaxing.

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