Trouser Trauma

Oh I’m in such a bind! My recent acquisition of various jackets, tops and shoes means I now have a shortage of bottoms to fill in the gap and I’m not quite ready to embrace the trend for GaGa pants however much Miuccia wants me to.

What I need: No more jeans but a tapered or slim-fit chino or a not-too-baggy peg pant (a demi-peg?) to go with my buttoned-up-to-the-neck denim jacket. Gap’s chinos had potential but weren’t small enough (I seem to be a UK size 4 in Gap. Wtf?) YMC has some that are on my list to try on. COS – nothing. Acne’s chinos were too tapered resulting in puffy-butt syndrome….Not chic. I’m rather drawn to these Net-a-porter Vanessa Bruno Athé trousers (above) but they’re fuller than I’d like and don’t exactly spell ‘everyday’ do they?

A cigarette chino is what I really want, one that stops shy of the ankle (remember, I’m short petite, so length is an issue). It really needs to be black, grey, khaki or dark beige although red could be nice. Uniqlo had nothing to offer and I don’t do high street as a rule, but if there is something of unusually good quality and well-cut then I’m willing to give it a shot.

Any leads? Budget is £100-£120 max … unless it’s amazing.

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13 Responses to Trouser Trauma

  1. Stylist Stuff says:

    Really, you don't do high street as a rule??

  2. Rollergirl says:

    Hi Stylist Stuff, no I don't do high street as a rule because I like things really plain, non-fashiony, well-cut (not 'well-cute' that was a typo!) and nicely finished and the high street doesn't tend to offer that. I'll do Gap, Cos, Levi's and H&M for socks. That's kind of it. And American Apparel for T-shirts…As a rule.

  3. enc says:

    (the J.Crew may be too narrow for you, not sure)

  4. Polly says:

    I love the title of this post, and the bit about not being ready for GaGa pants made me laugh so hard I nearly fell off my chair!

  5. Rollergirl says:

    oh I LIKE the J Crew! But can't get it in London. Banana link doesn't work but I hadn't thought of them. Will pop in tomorrow. Brilliant Enc, thank-you!

  6. Make Do Style says:

    I was going to suggest Banana R – because in between scoffing, quaffing and chatting last month – I did notice lots of cigarette pants – although a bit of a pin stripe tendency going on plus they do do chinos too and have a petite range.

  7. Liesel says:

    Can't get J.Crew in London? The horror. My wardrobe would cease to exist. It's a gamble but you could always order J.Crew on Ebay, if you know what might fit. Good luck!

  8. FinkPinkBebe., says:

    I So Have To Invest In Those Purple Jodhpurs, Think Carrie Bradshhaw In SATC

  9. miss cavendish says:

    I've just ordered a pair of J Crew Minnie trousers (which may be what enc is linking to). The Gap has always had fine cigarette ankle pants, except this year when I too need to replenish my supply!

  10. randi bergman says:

    omg! i actually ALWAYS go through this myself because i hate the way most pants fit on me and i JUST bought the best pair of tapered pants from zara last week that are even short on me and i'm 5"2! you should totally check it out! like literally they are the nicest ones everrrr and i hate pants. xx!

  11. randi bergman says:

    whoopers….obviously i pasted your blog name…ha!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Try the Jean-Piere Braganza vs. Hannah Marshall Pop-up shop… he cuts a wicked trouser and the prices are really good.

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