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As much as I adore fashion and popular culture I have to admit I have no clue about contemporary music. Pardon me but I’m still catching up on all the old 60s soul, 70s disco and 80s punk music I haven’t yet listened to! So even though I’ve heard of Kanye West I wouldn’t actually recognise his music if I was to ever come across it. All this mattered not one whit when I witnessed his apartment in US Harpers Bazaar recently. Oh. My. God. This gaff is stuffed to the rafters with pop-tastic furniture, fashion and ‘objets’. A stack of Louis Vuitton luggage may not sound that original to you but this guy has like, a tower of ten multicoloured monogrammed LV cases piled several feet high and the effect is totally museum-worthy. Then there’s the neon-green outsized Marc Newson Dom Perignon bottle grazing next to a Maurice Calka white fibreglass Boomerang desk (am I impressing you with my name-dropping? Well I’ve never heard of this dude but Google the desk – it’s SICK !)

Did I mention the bonkers-sized Takashi Murakami flower-shaped pillows? This is my fantasy apartment and it all looks totally authentic. Even if it’s been interior-decorated you can absolutely believe the ideas have come from West when you see his collection of sci-fi-style sunglasses and OTT-print Bathing Ape sweats. West describes this look as Pop Luxe and I think he’s onto something. Next in the pipeline is his clothing range Pastelle – if it’s anything like his apartment I await it with baited breath.

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6 Responses to Trendwatch – Pop Luxe

  1. Mrs Fashion says:

    That cover is better than the last one, which – I think – was J-Lo surround by white flowers in some gold rococco ballrom. Anyway, I totally agree with your music statement. There’s so much good stuff in the past to be caught up on rather than wasting time on the rubbish of today!
    Mrs F x

  2. discothequechic says:

    Mannn. I’ve never bought Harpers before, but I am so getting my hands on a copy of this issue.

    I am a huge Kanye fan. And I find his image so refreshing amongst other american rap artists. Did you seem on the Friday Night Project? I’ve been hunting for a watch like the one he wore for ages.

    Undoubtedly would be one of my ultimate dinner party guests!Wait, screw that, I’d want to be one of his dinner party guests so that I could get a closer look at the appartment!

    Phewww, rant over!

    S xx

  3. muze1990 says:

    I like the music from Kanye, his new one Stronger, top!

    That room is amazing!

  4. pinup_girl says:

    Not a fan of Kanye, but that cover! WOW! And I completely agree with your music taste. It’s not that I don’t like modern music, it’s just that there’s SO much that came before me, I want to experience it all. Besides, I think it’s a bit better and more tasteful than what’s on today’s TOP 40. But that’s just my opinion!

  5. alexgirl says:

    I like a lot of contemporary music. There’s some really good stuff out there that’s not sell-out overy-hyped Kanye West stuff. But oldies are good too!
    And I love Takashi Murakami. He makes me smile.

  6. Ondo Lady says:

    I don’t really do Harper’s Bazaar, it’s a bit la di da for me. I will have a peep at this issue though, the imagery is gorgeous. I like Kanye’s music and his philosphy behind his tracks but off record I find that he behaves a bit like an ass. Still good to hear that he has excellent taste when it comes to kitting out his pad.

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