Trend report: Nina Ricci’s animated GIFs

Here’s a great execution of a luxury trend that ticks two boxes – playful luxury and what The Future Laboratory calls ‘netstalgia’. Nina Ricci has released four animated GIFs designed with Jo Ratcliffe to launch its AW12 La Rue handbags. Although I must admit the bags aren’t really my taste, I absolutely love the GIFs which are charming and playful yet absolutely retain the aspirational whiff of luxury…

Nina Ricci Rue De Verneuil

Nina Ricci Jardin Suspendu

Nina Ricci Avenue de Montaigne

Nina Ricci Pigalle

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3 Responses to Trend report: Nina Ricci’s animated GIFs

  1. Duck says:

    Love the GIFs, hate the bags…

  2. Wow, love these, thanks for alerting us to them. Hope tons of other brands follow suit!

  3. Love these. Definitely good to have a fun ad for a luxury brand.

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