Trend report: Nina Ricci’s animated GIFs

Here’s a great execution of a luxury trend that ticks two boxes – playful luxury and what The Future Laboratory calls ‘netstalgia’. Nina Ricci has released four animated GIFs designed with Jo Ratcliffe to launch its AW12 La Rue handbags. Although I must admit the bags aren’t really my taste, I absolutely love the GIFs which are charming and playful yet absolutely retain the aspirational whiff of luxury…

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3 Responses to Trend report: Nina Ricci’s animated GIFs

  1. Duck says:

    Love the GIFs, hate the bags…

  2. Wow, love these, thanks for alerting us to them. Hope tons of other brands follow suit!

  3. Love these. Definitely good to have a fun ad for a luxury brand.

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