Trend report: H&M menswear AW12

The H&M AW12 menswear pictures are in and there’s an overriding trend leaping out already. Can you see what it is yet? Frankly I’m crazy about this Thom Browne too-short trouser look and it’s one I’ve been sporting for a while. Although until now it’s been worn in a mostly casual, preppie-fied way, I also really like this more formal expression with the knife-sharp crease, coordinating separates, socks and polished lace-ups.

I’ve been wearing my Club Monaco slim black 7/8th with charcoal socks and Church’s Oxfords or brogues for a few months and more recently I’m liking Joseph’s tomato cigarette trousers with cream Falke socks and tan Church’s plus a man’s navy Prada crew neck. Very, very simple apart from the pop of red. I’m not banking on the men’s H&Ms fitting me to be honest as trouser length is a tricky issue at the best of times, never mind when you’re playing with proportions. But as a look it’s one I want to explore further and I really hope womenswear designers take it on. I’ve already seen some metallic and jacquard versions from the women’s AW12 collections and I’m investigating Joseph’s cobalt blue Queen trousers for summer too. More men’s H&M too-short pants after the jump…

[Image credit: Kacper Kasprzyk for H&M/Hennes & Mauritz]

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4 Responses to Trend report: H&M menswear AW12

  1. Duck says:

    I will definitely not be wearing this look. When you’re quite tall you have to avoid anything that makes it look like your clothes just don’t fit…

  2. Sarah says:

    I love it, and I’m sure fash-men who can do it correctly will also love it. But H&M is a mass retailer; this look is only going to appeal to a very small part of the market.

  3. Lola says:

    I like the fact that the suit in the bottom pick still looks really smart, even though the guy is wearing cropped troos

  4. Love these looks. For me. :)

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