Trend report: first look at Prada ss13 menswear, womenswear and *those* shoes

The Prada stacked ‘geta’ flatform is a work of art, that’s undisputed. A piece that you can actually wear? Not so much. Yes, you’ll see Anna Dello Russo, Fran Burns et al admirably trialling it come the February shows, but in the main those editors have drivers; mere mortals will face more of a challenge. Because as well as their height and bulk, these mega shoes weigh a bloody ton! Which is why Prada has also unveiled a far more wearable properly flat version, plus of course its fabulous metallic tabi sock which promises to be the real hit of the season.

Here’s Elle Fanning working the Prada flatform on the red carpet at the Breaking Dawn premiere. Will you be attempting it?

The satin clothing up close is rather exquisite

His n hers ipad cases – hers with 3-d rose, his with intricate applique

Prada menswear – *That* Royal Tenenbaums coat

Suit and sandals – would you?

[Elle Fanning image: Grazia Daily]

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6 Responses to Trend report: first look at Prada ss13 menswear, womenswear and *those* shoes

  1. Simi says:

    Hey Navaz!

    I was at Prada’s press day too, shame I didn’t get to meet you!
    Love reading your blog :)
    How did you find Prada’s new collection?


  2. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Hey Simi, I just tried to comment on your blog but… no comments enabled?! I really liked all the silk dresses and separates close up. And the mens coat! x

  3. Ashley O says:

    I was searching Prada geta sandals and I came upon your blog. Were you able to acquire any of the footwear? I really like the look. Do you know how much the ones are the 6th picture from the very top? They have a black bow and a tan colored base. I looked on Prada’s site, but I didn’t see these! Thank you. :)

    • Disneyrollergirl says:

      Hi Ashley, sorry, no I don’t know. Did you try to contact the store or head office? Customer services?

  4. Ashley O says:

    Oh true! you are so right. Thank you for replying! X3

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