Topshop’s Secret Store

Topshop has taken its designer collaborations to the next level by commissioning smaller runs of unique pieces from its favourite directional designers and housing them in their own ‘secret store‘. Opening last Thursday, the store features a flower shop on the outside (curated by Meadham Kirchhoff with Wild at Heart) and all manner of delightful finds inside.

“What’s working for Topshop at the moment is doing something more interesting like smaller runs at a higher price for the customer who is interested in those designers that almost have a cult following.That cusomer wants something more special,” Topshop’s Andrew Leahy explained. Among the weird and wondrous offerings are Emma Cook’s much blogged-about animal heads from Topshop’s AW11 show (only 8 or so on sale, for £500 each), Nasir Mazhar’s jewelled head-dresses, an array of Topshop Unique pieces revived from past best sellers and jewellery by Pamela Love and Maria Francesca Pepe. The store is in situ in New York and London Oxford Circus simultaneously and (selected pieces) online for two weeks or until stocks last.

Floral fabulosity (Meadham Kirchhoff even hand-painted some of the pots)

Lulu Kennedy feeling foxy and Richard Nicoll having a bad *ahem* hare day

Nasir Mazhar’s Spanish-flavoured headpieces

My favourite: New York based designer Tom Scott’s sportwear-and-uniform inspired pieces for Topshop Emerge

Emma Cook’s tattoo-print jersey body

Maria Francesca Pepe’s ‘jewellery-wear ‘. Clever L.O.V.E letter studs that can be positioned wherever and however you want them on your clothes, or strung together on a chain (jersey vest included)

Tom Scott

Topshop Boutique

Maria Francesca Pepe

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5 Responses to Topshop’s Secret Store

  1. Louise says:

    Love this concept. Have seen a few things I like, no LOVE the look of, but have resisted the temptation so far.

  2. POPTUCKSHOP says:

    I love the fact that Meadham Kirchhoff is in on the act too. Tavi Gevinson introduced me to them (not personally!) and I am totally converted!!

  3. Fashionmeal says:

    Casually chilling with Lulu Kennedy and Richard Nicoll. No biggie.
    Oh and I totes check this place out the other day (from the outside since I was on a project shoot sourcing clothes mission thing) and I was so intrigued! I love this! So unique, fun and different from anything else one’s seen yet. :)

  4. Duck says:

    I really liked this idea until I saw the prices on the Topshop website – I really think if the designers are going to collaborate with a highstreet brand like this, they need to get things under the £200 mark! Otherwise I’m just going to buy pieces from their normal collection anyway :)

    Also, *loved* Lulu’s Louise Gray dress!


  5. Love the LOVE!! Need one of those please MFP!!

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