Faux Shopper: My top 10 online fashion buys this week

Chris Morton from Lyst told me about the term ‘faux shopping‘, the act of filling up your online shopping basket with dream purchases just for the hell of it. Here’s mine for the week…

YSL purple signature closure bag – a nice mix of classic shape with vibrant jewel colour

See by Chloe nude shirt – with cute oversized collar

Schumacher orange sweater – I can’t get enough of these tomato-y orange knits at the moment

Miu Miu glitter pumps – to wear with short straight skirts and porridge-hued ankle socks

Acne purple crepe trousers – perfect, versatile length for wearing with different heel heights

Ioselliani stacked ring – oh to have a trayful of these…

Clu khaki tee – Just can’t resist a military-style cow-pat coloured tee to temper the brights

Dries Van Noten python-print boots - with stack heels and almond toe, these will look even better when they’ve been danced in a few times

Balenciaga zig zag jumper - fantastic colour combination crying out for skinny charcoal 7/8th pants and pointy slingbacks

VPL orange bra – Found! Some decent soft bras in exciting colours

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5 Responses to Faux Shopper: My top 10 online fashion buys this week

  1. Hayley says:

    AMAZING picks. Love every single item!x

  2. “Porridge-hued” = LOVE!

  3. Faux shopping, I’m always at it! I’ll have the boots, the Acne trousers and the orange top please.

  4. Allison says:

    Love the glittery Miu Miu pumps and the VPL orange bra, colored bras are way more fun :)

  5. Love all these! Thanks for sharing, great post.


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