Top marks for Marc

Remember what I said about not shopping online? Scratch that, I’ve just seen this Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case at the Net-a-porter Cruise press day. Sorry Mulberry/Apple, you’ve been demoted from the Christmas wishlist…

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8 Responses to Top marks for Marc

  1. VexInTheCity says:

    Cute! You've gotta love Marc 😉

  2. enc says:

    It's very zippy!

  3. A La Mode says:


  4. Intrinsically Florrie says:

    Ah it's gorgeous!
    And it's so hard to find a fashionable laptop case- deffinitely worth making an exception for =]

    Florrie x

  5. Ondo Lady says:

    OMG!! That is GORGEOUS!! I need to have it right now!!

  6. Blogarella says:

    I still can't decide between this one and the Mulberrys – I just love the shiny hot pink case!

    Also, how cool was the Anya NAP Fund purse?! I can't stop admiring it…

  7. The Shabby and The Chic says:

    Just bought that – like 2 mins ago!

  8. Fashion Wh0re says:

    Love it i want one for my Laptop…

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