Tom Ford ss11 show – the video!

It’s up! The Tom Ford video of his ss11 show is finally OUT THERE so what do we all think? I love the concept of the show, casting etc but I’m not that sold on the clothes. They’re nice enough but nothing new. Maybe they need to be seen up close? What do you think?

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6 Responses to Tom Ford ss11 show – the video!

  1. Coco's Tea Party says:

    LOVE this video. It's nice to see that it really was that small and intimate and people weren't just exaggerating. Also Beyonce and Lauren are too beautiful!

  2. Kate says:

    Absolutely love this; I am super excited about Tom Ford's return to womenswear!! Very high glamour, 70's inspired and feminine. I would love to see the collection a bit closer up. There were some good shots of some of the pieces in the latest issue of V magazine, modelled by Julia Restoin Roitfeld.

  3. jeanie annan-lewin says:

    I really love it all the pieces the clothes look so powerful and LUX early YSL Halston its pure SEX and those hat's look super cute. Ok gush over.

  4. Shane Bailey says:

    glamorous indeed! I hope he would soon to rebuilt his empire in womenswear:)

  5. susie_bubble says:

    Definitely needs to be seen up close… I thought the video was a bit wishy washy but it's the fine detailing of the clothes that really elevate them…
    The dresses are great of course but I was more impressed with how his menswear designs has influenced the womenswear tailoring when I saw it in the showroom…

  6. VSP says:

    Love the drama of old 70's glamour, each piece is iconic, and he lives in another era…I just hope he can surprise us still…I like his masculine, almost "macho" vision of a women, extremely glam and seductive…with a sort of cinematic vision. Very curious to see it all up close…

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