Tom Ford Beauty arrives today

I could have done without Tom Ford’s cheesy infomercial but everything else about his new Tom Ford Beauty line is as lush and lavish as to be expected. Full disclosure: I’m a packaging whore so I’m all about the weighty almost-black (actually ‘mahongany’, which replaces the white and gold) lipsticks cases and golden compacts that have suitably luxe clunk-click closures.

The colours are richly pigmented but highly wearable and the prices are high – we’re talking £36 for lipsticks (now in 18 ‘hero’ shades, up from 12) and £60 for the chunky foundation sticks that promise never to leave your side. I’d totally pay that and I have a feeling that now Tom has raised the bar, the floodgates will open for similarly pricy colour cosmetics. The line now extends to skincare and brushes. According to Tom, the ritual of applying make-up is like meditation so I guess it figures that you might want to use the best of the best tools for the job.

Tom Ford Beauty launches today at Selfridges, Harvey Nichols (with free bubbly!), Harrods and Brown Thomas and at Tom Ford Private Blend counters nationwide on October 3rd.

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4 Responses to Tom Ford Beauty arrives today

  1. Victoria says:

    It’s such a huge collection, there has got to be a piece to suit everyone! Personally I’m after an eye shadow palette x

  2. Cannot wait to see the new lipstick range. “Applying make-up is like meditation”: I’ve never seen it that way, but maybe I just have to use more make-up and then I’ll understand…

  3. bella says:

    Nice pics! also check out this sweet vid of lara stone here, no mention of TF, but love her quirky scando accent.
    still can’t believe she is married to david walliams. It keeps me awake at night.

  4. picolin says:

    Although I had hesitated initially, have gotten a lipstick and a brow pencil – they are so so good. Genius. Cannot forget about how eyeshadow I tried was light, subtle but flattering (and very expensive).

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