Tim Walker: the book!

Accompanying the Tim Walker exhibition will be this book. At £75* it’s not cheap but wait, it has 320 pages of weird and wonderful Walkerness! That’s twice as many pages as the other Tim Walker book I have…sigh. Now, would it be too crazy to organise a flash mob of balloon-clutching Walkerettes for the opening party?

*Correction: it’s £70

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14 Responses to Tim Walker: the book!

  1. we could grow up together says:

    OMG! tim walker is my hero!

  2. Iheartfashion says:

    This looks fantastic!

  3. Blue Floppy Hat says:

    I’d cheerfully be one of that flash mob…and I think 75 isn’t too much to fork out for Tim Walker (but then I’m a fangirl).

  4. discothequechic says:

    sheesh, that seems to be taking the piss a wee bit doesn’t it?
    esp when i’ve seen most of these pictures in past vogue editorials.

    i will however be making a trip to the design museum to catch a piece of the action. love that museum anyway, but like you am very excited to see how they will present to exhibition.


  5. atelier says:

    This book is on my list! It must be so good! If you are thinking in buying it, check it on Amazon because it’s “only” $79, and despite the postage and packing, it’s cheaper anyway!!

  6. the fashion assistant and her camera says:

    love his work!!


  7. miss cavendish says:

    This I would love! Tim is a favorite of mine.

  8. Super Kawaii Mama says:

    Miss 3 has just asked for a rabbit for her 4th birthday, but after seeing this I am thinking this book is a MUCH better choice. I’ll just look at it as an investment in her education. I’m sure she’ll thank me in 20 years. :)

  9. miss cavendish says:

    Apologies for this second comment–but I’ve tagged you on my blog for some “random/quirky” fun.

  10. susie_bubble says:

    Definitely putting this on the Xmas list…

  11. Fabi says:

    looks amazng!!! thankyou for presenting me to tim walker, hehe…I was ignorant of his and his work’s existence until now!

    ohh and glad you found my new blog!!! =) thanks for the encouragement


  12. Anonymous says:

    Tim Walker is AMAZINGG!!

    added to birthday list 😀
    and thnxx for the amazon tip! xx

  13. stringbeanjean says:

    i’m saving my pennies…

  14. Anonymous says:

    have you seen his other book?
    it's £700 on amazon!
    all about his creative process :O !
    being a photogrpahy student, i'd kill for that book.

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