The truth about goody bags

I was asked to cover London Fashion Week for a website and one of the things they were interested in is the goody bags. A lot of people get very excited about goody bags and to them I say “calm down”. London Fashion Week is not the Oscars. You don’t get free phones, Jimmy Choos and diamonds, not even in the front row.

The most common component of most goody bags is the beauty product. This is because beauty companies have all the money while fashion companies are mostly poor. (I’ll never forget going to a Swarovski party and receiving in my goody bag a 4-inch square suedette pouch made from floor scraps with a crystal or two stuck on. I was not best pleased.)

I thought it would be interesting to spill the beans on who gave what in their goody bag at London Fashion Week.

Gavin Douglas – L’Oreal hair products, L’Oreal lipstick, L’Oreal T-shirt, L’Oreal mascara

Ben De Lisi – Bottle of water

PPQ – Shu Uemura bath product, skin purifier and eyeshadow

Diane Von Furstenburg – T-shirt, lipstick plus the carrier bag itself was a work of art

Markus Lupfer for Armand Basi – A bottle of Armand Basi fragrance

Spijkers En Spijkers – Dr Hauschka hand cream, mini lemon body moisturiser, mini lavender bath oil, sachet of foot balm

Of course, as with everything else Fashion Week-related, there is a strict goody bag hierarchy. If you’re a front row VIP you get the full works but as each row gets further back, the goody bag gets lighter. Those fairly low on the pecking order (i.e. row three) get the cheapest thing in the goody bag – hence the Ben De Lisi bottle of water I received as a lowly third-rower. Any further back than row three and you’re lucky if you get a press release.

When it comes to parties and events, the distribution of the goody bag is altogether different. There is a set number of goody bags and you need to time your departure perfectly. Leave too early and the bags won’t be ready, leave too late and they’re all gone. Never be shy about asking for your goody bag. It’s rightfully yours – it’s your bribe for supporting the brand – so either ask for one (don’t be embarrassed, we all do it – well I do) or just help yourself from the ones lined up by the door.

Whose goody bag is your favourite?

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14 Responses to The truth about goody bags

  1. Ondo Lady says:

    Yes the Ben De Lisi ‘goodies’ were a scream. Interesting what you say about beauty companies having all the dosh and fashion ones having none.

  2. susie_bubble says:

    Hehe… spot on with this post! It’s all SO true….

  3. Gemma says:

    Am I sad for actually really liking the DVF t-shirt? I was supposed to be giving away all my goodie bag stuff but I want to keep it…

  4. V*Kstro says:

    I’ve been part of putting goody bags together for events in my career and I have to say they have been pretty lame. As you touched on it, fashion companies don’t want to dish out the free stuff, but mostly because they prefer celebruties to wear them. I can’t remamber the last time I recived a goody bag,maybe because I kinda suspect what’s in them. Maybe pne day I will be in the front row of any of the big events. And you are right, don’t be afraid to ask for one, some even ask for two.

  5. Libertygirl says:

    Swarovski are one of the richest privately owned fashion brands in the world. When Arnault was looking for acquisitions in the early 90’s for LVMH he looked at Swarovski until it ws quietly pointed out to him that they cld buy LVMH several times over…

    Tight bastards!!! xxx

  6. Rollergirl says:

    These comments are really making me laugh! Gemma, would it be pikey of me to EBay the DVF tee?

    V*kstro, LOL at ‘suspect what’s in them’! I didn’t get the Spijkers goody bag so nearly left empty handed until the PR told me what was in them and I doubled back and practically turned the place over until I found one last unemptied goody bag. What dedication!

    Libertygirl….really? How funny!

  7. Libertygirl says:

    Because they are private, they don’t list so no one knows fo rsure what they are really worth… but an insider there told me this story, so… It’s not until you visit Wattens in Austria where their manufacturing is based that you get any sense of the sheer scale of the company. They make ocular glass and all manner of industrial applications for crystal/glass as well as the ickle hedgehogs, jools & fashion components xx

  8. Libertygirl says:

    ps Best ever goodie bag – Elton John’s White Tie & Tiara. I reckon there was £5k minimum of stuff in a lovely Pickett cream canvas bag. There’s a certain irony in giving such lovey stuff to some of the richest people in the world xx

  9. Overpriced Designer Man Bag says:

    hmmm…that’s too bad about the Swarovski goody bag

    but that DVF t-shirt looks fun!

  10. dianabobar says:

    that so interesting to know!

  11. Mrs Fashion says:

    I’d rather NOT pick one up, they’re full of trash (I’m never going to wear eau de Armand Basi) and they weigh a tonne. The spoils just end up being given to the workies anyway!

    PS I thought my bribe for ‘supporting’ the brand was as much free champagne as I can neck?!


  12. V*Kstro says:

    My God! I just noticed all the typos… (behind the scene on my comment).

    “As I read disneyrollergirl’s comment on goody bags I rushed into the break room at work with my phone. I was nervous, but it was a rush like no other, responding to something as meaningful behind hidden walls as colleagues called out my name making me miss-type the much anticipated respond I had in mind.”

  13. emsie says:

    oh i love the t-shirt :)
    want one!


  14. Gemma says:

    Not pikey at all. I know people who’ve ebayed stuff out of goodie bags / press gifts many times.

    not me, mind you ;-) !!

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