The Gap effect

OK I know I said I never shop high street but guess what? I lied. While passing Gap today I decided to have a quick nose at what was new. Firstly the new in-store photography is beautiful. Mikael Jansson has shot the likes of Amanda Harlech, Chanel Iman and Cat Deeley (she’s unrecognisable…in a good way) for the new Classic Redefined campaign. I tried to find these pictures on the internet but the Google gods were against me so I’ve snapped them with my Casio Exilim from the little magazine thingy I picked up. Say what you like about Gap but the photography is always shit hot.

All the new stuff is in now in so I had a good root round. Guess what I bought? The jodhpurs! My reasoning was that I don’t want to look like a fashion victim (snob that I am) but if I don’t get them now then if and when I do decide I want them, it’ll be too late. That’s hype for you. I thought I was above it but clearly all those ‘must-have’ pics in Grazia, Vogue etc have sucked me in.

I have to say, having tried them on they probably will be going back. They remind me of a well-loved pair of army surplus combats I had ages ago. For the first few wears they were great, then they developed saggy knees. When the bum started drooping that was the final straw. These Gap ones have no stretch, the pockets are really badly finished and the button holes are too small for the buttons (don’t you hate that?). But I love the colour (I got the green ones) and they do make a change from my Nudie jeans. Only time will tell if I’ll be wearing them at fashion week along with every other two-bit fashionista.

Update: Result! I found some pics on (L-R: Coco Rocha in my jodhpurs, Cat Deeley – yes that’s her! – Amanda Harlech)

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7 Responses to The Gap effect

  1. Libertygirl says:

    Did an appt @ Gap today – and Buffy was wearing them, the cropped ones, rolled a little, and she looked fab in them. Was very, very tempted. But I’d just spent £99 in New Look on shiny shoes and a rather cool coat – WITH discount card (although Giles stuff doesn’t get a discount. Bah). It’s very dangerous doing store call-ins on the High Street. It all adds up…

  2. Ondo Lady says:

    Gap doesn’t really do it for me. They have superb and creative adverts and then you get excited and rush into their shops and – urgh- all you see are some bland and boring clothes which are way overpriced. Baby Gap is cool though, pity they can’t translate the good stuff in Baby Gap to the adults.

  3. buttonsandstars says:

    Those jodhpurs (sp?) do look good. Shame you said they sag after you’ve worn them a while. I hate that… I keep on thinking that I’ll go down to Gap and try them on though. The olive colour looks great.

  4. Kat says:

    That’s Cat Deeley? The girl that hung around with Ant and Dec? No it can’t be! She looks amazing!
    So true, the gap photography is achingly hip and edgy.

  5. Rollergirl says:

    Buttinsandstars, the ones that sagged weren’t the jodhpurs but some other similar trousers I used to have. OK, I’m wearing the jodhpurs today and have decided to keep them so ripped all the tags off. And now there’s a rip in the pocket seam! Ho hum, at leasts it’s only on the inside.

    Libertygirl, don’t know how you managed to spend £99 in New Look, I can never find enough things to spend those vouchers on that they give us (I know, poor me). Have they got any of the good stuff in there then? The grey wool dress with sequinny trim? The pvc mac?

    Ondo lady, totally agree.

    Kat, I’ve always cringed at Cat Deeley but I’ve got to admit she looks amazing there (but looks like she’s had some lip work done, no?).

  6. susie_bubble says:

    I’ve given you a Rockin’ Girl Blogger badge! Read my blog for more details…

  7. ElizaF says:

    Well someone has managed to take a photograph of Amanda Harlech and make her look ordinary. That is some trick for the woman who upstages Karl Largerfield in the dramatic entrance sweeps.

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