The Christmas cram

Ugh, it’s already started. That feverish rush to see everybody you know before Christmas as if the world’s going to end. This year I’m opting out. Far better to see them all in January when there’s nothing else to do (and you can buy their ‘Christmas’ pressies in the sales. Oops did I really say that?)

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2 Responses to The Christmas cram

  1. maria a. bogdanova says:

    but think of all the delicious food to come for the next month and a half!

  2. V*Kstro says:

    Ah funny… Opt out!? Sounds great. Especially when I have to deal with the crowd on a daily basis. It’s a forced habit sometimes, you know… This holiday thing and all. But at the end as long as you are with family and loved friends, it’s all good!

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