The case for the iPad

I still can’t make my mind up about the iPad. I’ve had a brief play on one but I haven’t decided if it really has a purpose. Of course that doesn’t stop me from looking longingly at cute little cases for them – you know I love a ‘tech-cessory’. These iPad cases from Dooney & Bourke and Oscar de la Renta Resort are very appealing, especially in ravishing red…

Dooney & Bourke $65

Oscar de la Renta Resort

What do you think? Yay or nay to the iPad?

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12 Responses to The case for the iPad

  1. POPPY FRENCH says:

    gosh ipad for the catwalk, how weird!

  2. Elena Vasilieva says:

    cool cases, looking great in red

  3. K.Line says:

    My husband has one and he got me one (which I returned). I love the interface and, with the keyboard, it's ultra compact cool. But it's not compatible with Blogger. Safari is the worst browser ever. For me, unfortunately (much though I love the look and feel) it's a no. Maybe when it becomes Firefox compatible…

  4. Pargy says:

    I like the red and white one – very Haus of GaGa inspired methinks – I'm with you on the Ipad thing, I mean, apparently they have no USB points – urm Apple, printers/ mouse connection, hello?

  5. Just Another Londoner says:

    I don't really get the point of them myself, they're like a giant iTouch except you can get Word etc. on it…and let's be honest, who wants to write proper documents on a touch screen?

  6. enc says:

    I think the cases just might be more fun than the iPads!

  7. Jennifer says:

    I am a Mac girl, and as much as I love all things Apple, I must cast my "NAY" vote on the iPad… It doesn't seem to serve much of a purpose. They could have made it stand out so much more from the products that preceded it. Maybe in the second generation they'll add more bells and whistles. It still won't be a necessity, but maybe more of a "that will make my life better". Cute cases, though.

  8. Pargy says:

    Hiya Rollergirl – thanks for your comment at the weekend – I put a short post on the London Roller Girls on Popartrockgirlyeah! today if you are interested – I've never been to a Roller Derby before, but I think I'm going to go to one now! x Pargy 😛

  9. Style Queen says:

    I don't own an ipad myself, but they seem fab!


  10. Bea says:

    I-Pads are pretty incredible, and they dont need USB portals they connect to printers anyway…and as far as mouses go its touch screen no mouse needed! they do serve a purpose to many people actually, as they are very useful due to their small weight and easy usability! i feel you guys should do your research…. but I LOVE THE CASES and DRG 😀

  11. Anastasia and Duck says:

    You could get the Oscar de la Renta one just to carry around an old fashioned magazine…


  12. amanda carr says:

    Hey DRG,
    Our family has an IPad and it is a pretty, pretty thing with many intoxicating play tools on it. My arty hubby is obsessed with the chalkboard app, which is very creative and David Hockney uses it so, y'know, must be cool right?
    I am disappointed that you can't blog from it, and since I spend most of my life currently blogging and have no time for any other time consuming activity,I am letting this one pass me by.

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