Taylor Momsen for John Galliano

My secret frou-frou side is loving the branding of the new John Galliano Parlez-moi d’Amour fragrance, from the Ellen Von Unwerth photography and ad, to the bottle adorned with a wee postage stamp. I’d much rather have seen Georgia Jagger in the starring role rather than Taylor Momsen though. You?

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10 Responses to Taylor Momsen for John Galliano

  1. Aida Apple says:

    Well, I like Taylor Momsen, she's only a year and a day older than me which is a bit dodgy considering some of the clothes she wears but anyhoo 😉 yes I totally agree I would have loved to see Georgia May Jagger


  2. HANNAH says:

    Totally agree. LOVE Georgia-May Jagger. Can't stand Taylor Momsen and would have thought Galliano would know better than to put such a young girl dressed as a hooker in his campaign. Surely he's just making Taylor's head even bigger.


  3. Snappy says:

    Great imagery though. Not sure what Galliano was thinking, but still. I'm a fan.
    Happy New Year!
    snappy x

  4. Chuck says:

    Eugh, not the Momsen…

  5. Chantelle says:

    I have to agree…I would prefer Georgia Jagger. Im a fan, check out my last post on her.


  6. StyleNonsense says:

    She Booores Me.

  7. A La Mode says:

    Georgia Jagger would have been perfect! I don't really think Taylor suits this role at all :/

  8. Khatija says:

    Georgia May Jagger is a stunner, she would have worked perfectly!

  9. Blue Floppy Hat says:

    I can't stand either of them, they both seem to have a grand total of two facial expressions. But if those two were the choice, neither of them is really a better model than the other, so Ms Momsen is fine for this.

  10. ashe mischief says:

    Ew! Can only agree with others here… Momsen. REALLY?

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