Tati Cotliar is Vogue’s ‘front row blogger’

Mainstream media continues to be enthralled by the phenomenon of the ‘front row fashion blogger’. February’s UK VOGUE boasts ‘I am A Camera’, a ten-page editorial by Raymond Meier and Charlotte Pilcher starring Tati Cotliar as a fantasy front row fashion blogger prepping for the shows in a Paris hotel – Prada vroom-vroom wedges ‘n’ all. I love the shots with Cotliar goofing around in Miu Miu’s bandana boots and blowing bubblegum bubbles on a matching chi chi chair…

February Vogue also has interviews with Stella McCartney, Yayoi Kusama and nine must-read pages of memories of Lucian Freud by some of his closest friends and sitters. (Plus, hidden in the front-of-book pages… Alex Shulman has written a novel!)

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3 Responses to Tati Cotliar is Vogue’s ‘front row blogger’

  1. Blink London says:

    great spread, although I did think she was some sort of contortionist until I realized the boots were on her hands!

  2. Ah, this is gorgeous! Wishing I had this sort of spread of items to choose from on a daily basis – let alone for fashion week! Normally I just wind up staring between a pair of converse and heels – wondering whether I should opt for comfortable or fashionable? By day 5 I’m always on comfort. xx

  3. Imogen EIGHT says:

    I love this! But it’s all wishful thinking, I’m with you Jen, my fashion week dressing routine has always involved waking up hungover on a floor or couch in a cramped room with 3 others and picking colourful furry things out of mine or other people’s suitcases at random. One day I dream of graduating to hotel rooms…

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