Take Ivy

Attention preppie obsessives. That once-elusive bible of all things collegiate is finally, finally about to be reissued. Yes, I’m talking of Take Ivy, the holy grail of sixties menswear eye candy by Japanese photographer Teruyoshi Hayashida and co-authors Kensuke Ishizu, Toshiyuki Kurosu and Moto Hasegawa. Long out of print, Powerhouse Books is reissuing the title in the US in August and in the UK in October for a reasonable £17.99 ($25).

To whet your appetite, check out these few photos on A Continuous Lean, or if you’re a real cheapskate, check out these scans of the entire book.

As if that isn’t good enough news for those who favour a button-down shirt, ankle-grazing chino and Bass Weejun loafer, Rugby.com reports that The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology will be hosting an exhibition on the Ivy League look in 2012. Looks like preppie-chic is set to run and run…

[Pics: A Continuous Lean, The Trad]

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3 Responses to Take Ivy

  1. Caroline, No. says:

    Holy cow. This looks amazing. Thanks so much – this is a great present for approximately 10 of my friends! And one for me! I really want some madras shorts…

  2. That's Not My Age says:

    OOh I'm liking the chinos, Bass Weejuns and white socks combo. I did have a pair of BW's once but my suitcase got nicked on holiday in Portugal and they were in it, sniff…

  3. Mademoiselle Robot says:

    I am just going to say one thing: *drool*

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