Oh! Oh! I’ve been tagged by Overpriced Designer Man Bag (http://www.carryingcontraption.com/)! But it’s OK, it’s not one of those reeeaaaally looooong questionnaires so I’m gonna go for it.

Three Things That Everyone Thinks Are Gross, But I Think Are Cool
1) KFC. I know it’s not ‘real’ chicken, I know it’s pumped full of chemicals (or something) but I so don’t care. All I know is I constantly crave that secret ingredient and that tasty, crispy-crunchy skin.

2) Paying bills. I like the ritual of it all. I like things to balance and add up so when I pay bills it means everything’s tallied and harmonious and I can rest easy.

3) Ok not a thing but a person. I love Barbara Cartland, she of the pink chiffon frocks and too-blue eye shadow. In years to come, people will realise she was waaay ahead of her time.

Three Things That Everyone Thinks Are Normal, But I Think Are Gross
1) TV. There is so much crap on TV it really gets me down. I would much rather be on here finding stuff out and reading endless blogs about intelligent things like handbags, frocks and shoes.

2) Dinner parties. Or any large formal gathering where I don’t know people. I have ‘face-blindness’ (well I haven’t *actually* been diagnosed but I read an article about it once) so I’m constantly meeting people I’ve met before but can’t remember who they are or where I know them from. I also have a fear of striking up conversations with strangers so this tends to make matters worse.

3) Pubs. I don’t drink alcohol (much) and I don’t get thirsty. And I don’t like drunk people. And I don’t like SHOUTING ABOVE THE MUSIC.

I tag Mrs-Fashion (http://mrs-fashion.blogspot.com/), Pin Up Girl (http://styleaholic.blogspot.com/), Muze1990 (http://smellslikelonpardonis.blogspot.com/) and Lipstick Lady (http://smellslikelonpardonis.blogspot.com/).

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9 Responses to Tagged!

  1. Mrs Fashion says:

    Oh, thank you!
    PS – I hate striking up conversations too… and pubs… and I love Barbara Cartland (always have, always will). Can these be my answers? 😉

  2. muze1990 says:

    Whaha! I’ve been tagged! I’m beginning straight away.

  3. rollergirl says:

    No Mrs Lazy. My answers are copyrighted. (Copywritten?)

  4. the lipstick lady says:

    ooh yay! i love being tagged, so thankyou very much :)

  5. Mash says:

    great questions and answers !

  6. Emma says:

    Fab post! I hate dinner parties, but I must admit I love TV and the few times I’ve visited pubs I thought they were awesome. In an unclean way.

  7. Susana Daily says:

    nice answers :)
    (The Stiletto Effect Girl)

  8. Jennifer says:

    I hate kfc I never eat there, i don’t like what they genetically grow their chickens 😛

  9. Unsubstantiated Musings says:

    Barbara Cartland!!!! An aberration!

    I’m not that good at social functions and small talk and then worry that the person I’m failing to have small talk with thinks I’m dull or standoffish.

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