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What to steal from Louis Vuitton menswear SS17

Louis Vuitton menswear ss17

If you’re concerned about Joe Corre’s threat to burn his entire stash of punk memorabilia, don’t fret so. Kim Jones has a sizable chunk of the archive in his possession, being an avid collector of Sex, Seditionaries Westwood and the rest. Thus his collection for Louis Vuitton menswear SS17 was peppered with a smattering of punkish references, from kinky plastic macs, to stencil-print boilersuits, to my favourite old standby, the razzy mohair sweater. All with a veneer of grown up polish, naturally.

Jones took part of his inspo from South Africa (Vuitton is, of course, rooted in travel, and Jones spent much of his childhood in various parts of Africa) which lent the collection an Afro-punk vibe, thanks to the Jake and Dinos Chapman-illustrated animal prints and generous use of exotic skins.

The irony is that youngsters don’t seem that bothered about starting new youth cults. It’s the old folk who love revisiting the punkish past and they’re the only ones likely to be able to afford these uber-luxe renditions. Oldsters rejoice!

 Louis Vuitton menswear ss17 by Chloe Le Drezen for Dazed
Louis Vuitton menswear ss17 Vogue Runway
Louis Vuitton menswear ss17 by Chloe Le Drezen for Dazed
Louis Vuitton menswear ss17 Vogue Runway

7 Louis Vuitton ss17 by Chloe Le Drezen for Dazed 3

8 Louis Vuitton Vogue Runway 9

9 Louis Vuitton ss17 by Chloe Le Drezen for Dazed 5

9 Louis Vuitton Vogue Runway

10 Louis Vuitton Vogue Runway 16

Louis Vuitton ss17 by Chloe Le Drezen for Dazed

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGES: Vogue Runway; Chloe Le Drezen for Dazed
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