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Fashion, design and photography things to see and do

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With Easter coming up (doesn’t it always creep up on you?!), now is the time to plan and book tickets for some must-see events. Apologies if some of the following suggestions are already oversubscribed, I honestly don’t know where the time is going….

This starts on Saturday and sees nine days of fashion goings-on in one of Britain’s most stylish towns. Now in its sixth year, the Bath In Fashion programme includes Grazia’s Susannah Frankel in conversation with Style.com’s Tim Blanks discussing the V&A’s Savage Beauty exhibition; friend of DRG, Alyson Walsh (A.K.A That’s Not My Age) giving a talk on generation FAB (Fifty And Beyond) and signing copies of her book Style Forever; a button making workshop at Anthropologie, plus Susie Lau co-hosting a fashion careers forum. That’s just a tiny taster of a quite dizzying array of diverse activity. Book tickets for Bath In Fashion here.

In Paris, a brand new exhibition has just opened at Musée des Arts Décoratifs celebrating the astonishing output of Piero Fornasetti. This looks incredible. However much you think you know of the prolific artist and designer, there’s so so much more. As always, it’s the sketchy, scrappy ephemera and contextual stuff that fascinates me and it looks like this exhibition delivers all that in spades. Luckily it’s on til June 14th so there’s a good chance I’ll get to see it. Book tickets here.

Closer to home, obviously there’s Savage Beauty at the V&A (pictured top) which has been extended to 2nd August. If you’re going to that (and even if you’re not), don’t forget to check into Staying Power: Photographs of Black British Experience 1950s-1990s. This free exhibition looks at black British culture explored through expressions of fashion and style. Everything in it is great but I particularly homed in on Raphael Albert’s reportage photos of black beauty pageants in the 60s and 70s, and Neil Kenlock’s 1970s portraits of Caribbean Londoners at home. The details are evocative and quite nostalgia inducing. To accompany the photography, there are headphones to listen to oral histories of the photographers and subjects – don’t miss these!

Coinciding with Savage Beauty is this, totally different, look at the work of Alexander McQueen which has just opened at Tate Britain. McQueen commissioned his friend Waplington to document the making of his Horn Of Plenty collection (one of his last) and the results are gobsmacking. You really feel like you’re in the studio with the team, witnessing the magical moments of creation. I’ve only seen the photos in the exhibition’s accompanying book so I’m looking forward to seeing them larger than life. There’s a very good video of Waplington talking about his work here. Buy tickets here.

Vogue Festival (in association with Harrods) has come round again, a little later this year on 25th-26th April. It’s at a different venue too at the Royal College of Art and the Royal Geographical Society nearby. How on earth do they keep finding new ‘wow’ speakers year on year? Well this year has John Galliano, Stella Tennant, Tim Walker (for the second time) and Quentin Jones on the roster – I’m pretty happy with that. This year’s Vogue Festival will also host ‘How To Be’ career master classes , offering the opportunity for one-on-one face time with leading industry heavyweights giving insights into becoming a fashion journalist, fashion editor, photographer or editor. Book tickets here.

WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl
Main photo: Al Vandenberg/V&A Staying Power exhibition

You’ve been Vogued

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Having seen the evolution of fashion blogs over the last seven years (this blog started in 2007), I’m interested in the shift from blogs to brands. Many of the fashion blog pioneers have extended their remit, transforming their blogs into successful creative businesses.

And this approach has spread beyond the bloggersphere to the wider world, hence these days, far from simply aspiring to ‘be a celebrity’ (how 2010!), everyone wants to ‘be a brand’. This thought was crystalised last weekend at the third Vogue Festival (in association with Harrods) at the Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall. Vogue, one of the biggest publishing brands is not content with being a print publication. It wants to be a multi platform destination, an event, a lifestyle brand. And as such it has created a means to engage with its future customers, who themselves have become pretty well versed in the stepping stones of brand-building. Continue reading

Vogue time

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What a surprise to see a Nigel Shafran shoot in Vogue. And styled by Joe McKenna too. Shafran’s last Vogue shoot was 21 years ago and he has brought his quiet observational style to the the UK title with this ode to consumerism (beating Karl to the punch), shot in the temples of Vuitton, Chanel and Celine on Avenue Montaigne… Continue reading

Video: Natalie Massenet’s Vogue Festival talk

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I loved Natalie Massenet’s talk at the Vogue Festival and the way she used Instagram as a modern alternative to a Powerpoint slideshow. Even better, people who weren’t at the festival could follow the presentation independently by viewing her specialy-populated Instagram feed, Nataporter_Mystorysofar (best viewed in the app).

But now Vogue has released some of the videos of the presentations, talks and panel discussions. Watch the Natalie Massenet presentation in full…

Continue reading

Vogue Festival 2013: the verdict

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Was every panelist and speaker at Vogue Festival briefed to implore us to work hard and follow our dreams? Because that felt like the overarching message of the weekend at the second annual Vogue-branded event.

“If you’re really good at what you do and have a dream, It will happen,” said Alber Elbaz on Sunday, and when Alber says this you believe him. Of all the speakers I saw, he was the most relaxed, funny and passionate and also a brilliant storyteller. But pretty much all the key speakers put their success down to a mix of talent and tenacity, plus a personal point of view. Continue reading

*VIDEO* Day 1 of Vogue Festival: “Everyone having their own Vogue experience”

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I’ve been at Vogue Festival today (as a guest of Vogue) and will be back again tomorrow. I’ll blog it properly but for now here’s a sneak peek of the first day of Vogue Festival highlights. Watch Natalie Massenet thank Alexandra Shulman for not giving her a job at Vogue…

You can follow my tweets tomorrow at @Disneyrollrgirl and Instagram @Disneyrollergirl. Or follow the Vogue Twitter hashtag #VogueFestival:

Will you buy a Vogue coffee cup at the Vogue Festival?

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The second Vogue Festival is only two weekends away and the jam-packed schedule keeps on growing (see the whole schedule here). But like any good event, there’s also a bunch of merch you can buy – so I hope you have deep pockets. How about your very own Vogue Starbucks-style coffee cup for that all-important Anna W moment? Continue reading

Library corner: Diane Von Furstenberg And The Tale Of The Empress’s New Clothes

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My personal highlight of this year’s Vogue Festival (which returns on 28-29 April 2013) was the Diane Von Furstenberg talk. What a woman! What incredible stories! And there’s more where they come from because Camilla Morton has just added Diane Von Furstenberg And The Tale Of The Empress’s New Clothes to her repertoire of modern fashion fairytales. Following on from Christian Lacroix And The Tale Of Sleeping Beauty and Manolo Blahnik’s The Elves And The Shoemaker, Morton has woven her version of The Emperor’s New Clothes into the legend of DVF and the making of her fashion empire. Continue reading

Vogue Festival: the verdict

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As the fashion publishing industry continues to go through ongoing changes, magazines are testing different ways to extend their brand messaging beyond the paper page. While Hearst has launched Hello Style to beckon the Youtube generation to its titles, Vogue went the interactive route last week with its two-day Vogue Festival. Continue reading