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Street style old and new: Coggles and The Skartorialist

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At the Coggles press day I discovered the brand has a two year old archive of on-the-street portraits taken by Nick Scaife. These images are very much about the person as much as their clothes, and Coggles has gone on to develop this idea by making short films about a few of its favourite subjects. Continue reading

Inside H&M’s summer magazine

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The new H&M magazine is out and as usual it’s a cracking good read. Each issue has three 1000+ word features and this issue includes one of mine on the magic of fashion shows. That’s not the only reason it’s a good read though. Continue reading

Bill Cunningham: “I let the streets speak to me”

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I was invited to the UK premier of the Bill Cunningham New York film last week and I’m happy to report it was as good as Vidal Sassoon The Movie and The September Issue. Right from the opening frames I was hooked. This documentary captures the essence of New York, New Yorkers and the enigmatic spirit of Cunningham. For decades he has been on the streets, snapping passers-by for the New York Times, then getting his 35mm films developed at a local store. His apartment in Carnegie Hall is crammed with filing cabinets and the most basic of beds, his ‘wardrobe’ is a few wire hangers and his bathroom is a communal one down the hall. At 82 he still scoots around town on a push bike with a bumbag round his waist and his camera bag over the shoulder.

For Bill it really is all about getting the shots and all about the clothes. The film also shows him recording his commentaries for the digital version of On The Street (this week he observes how New York men are sharpening up) where he nails the week’s observations in one take. The narrative running through the film hinges on his enforced relocation from his belove Carnegie Hall apartment to a newer building, which gives the film a bittersweet storyline. But overall it’s an honest and uplifting portrait of a man and a city with glimpses of the industry and some of its colourful characters.

Bill Cunningham New York will be released in select UK cinemas on March 16.

As a side note, I was rather taken with Mr Cunningham’s daily ‘uniform’ of chinos and blue-on-blue layers – Yves Klein workman’s jacket, sky blue oxford shirt and cornflower sweater-over-the-shoulders. Plus rain poncho and Sorel boots for inclement weather (which is when he gets his best photos). I’m quite partial to a rain poncho and a sweater over the shoulders myself, not to mention a bumbag or two. Ines De La Fressange paid her own homage to Bill at the couture shows a couple of weeks ago, where she donned a Cunningham-esque blue shirt and cap to photograph show-goers for Madame Figaro. Wonder if it’ll catch on?

[Images:Max Cook/Patrick Demarchelier/The Sartorialist/WWD]

You’ve been Tonned

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Love this Style.com video on Tommy Ton. It’s interesting how he mentions that one of his favourite things is seeing his work appear on Tumblr because he likes to feel his pictures have inspired someone – I’ve been wondering how photographers feel about seeing their work reproduced on blogs without the syndication fee.

A friend told me a great story about Ton after last London Fashion Week. My friend got followed for several blocks by a ‘team’ of photographers after coming out of Somerset House. At first the incessant clicks didn’t bother him, but after five minutes he stopped and asked who they were shooting for. It turned out to be Tommy and his cohorts shooting for various international GQs. But the funniest bit was that my friend wasn’t wearing anything particularly ‘fashion’, in fact his denim jacket had a big tear in the sleeve. But it transpired that this tear was the exact detail that he was being pursued for. A few hours after laughing at this story, I noticed I’d posted a link to this Tommy Ton for GQ.com gallery on my Facebook page two days previously. And of course there, in all its glory was the prized picture. No face, no outfit, just a close-up of a hole in a sleeve. That’s dedication for you!

Supersized Levis on The Sartorialist

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What’s not to love about this picture? I adore the XXXL fit of the jeans, super-crunchy, stiff denim with not an ounce of stretch and the paperbag-like cinched waist. And the abbreviated proportions of the silky top (loose but well-fitting on the shoulders). The boots didn’t go down well on The Sartorialist but I actually think they bring the outfit into the 21st century. My bugbear is they’re fighting with the hem of the jeans, so if they were just an inch shorter (the boots not the jeans), the look would be more harmonious. But the overall effect of the outfit with the beautiful curls and retro red lip is nothing short of wonderful. What do you think?

[Image: The Sartorialist.com]

Quote of the day

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“The first time I went to Milan I had four meals in five days because I just didn’t stop. I had to get to the shows.”
Scott Schuman discusses the business of blogging with The Business of Fashion

London Fashion Week AW09/10: Who’s wearing what – the photographers

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