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Ankle socks for every age

Posted on by Disneyrollergirl


I found this great photo in National Geographic at the hairdressers (I go to Cuts in Dean St – v good if you want short hair). It reminded me that I’ve been planning a post on women in ankle socks and pumps. There are actually quite a few high profile fashion women who have made this their ‘look’ and I don’t think it looks infantile. In fact, I think it looks really cool and self assured. Take a look at Katie Grand, Lucinda Chambers, Consuelo Castiglioni, Carla Sozzani and Miuccia Prada…

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Best buy: H&M socks

Posted on by Disneyrollergirl

If you love the fine-rib-socks-and-wedges look for spring (as I do), then here’s a recommendation for you. H&M have the best socks on the high street. I’m still wearing the long ribbed fuchsia and grey socks I bought years ago and they have kept their shape, haven’t worn through at the heel or toe and – the best bit – don’t wriggle off your feet when you’re wearing boots. I dont actually wear wedges but I’ve just bought this pack of 2 silky ankle socks in porridge (to wear with my tan Church’s brogues) and rust (to clash with my emerald Kurt Geiger T-bars). And of course I couldn’t resist the wee plastic Minnie Mouse-shaped box as a(nother) knick knack holder for my desk…

Best buy: Falke summer socks

Posted on by Disneyrollergirl

You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to fine plain cream, decent quality summer-weight socks to wear with loafers. These Falke socks fit really well, don’t ride down and keep their shape. Of course, now I’ve found them. it’s practically September…

Falke socks

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