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Cire Trudon – the sweet smell of spring

Cire Trudon Les Belles Matieres

Last Wednesday, in the first properly spring-like week of the year, I got a fabulous whiff of the new Cire Trudon candles. There are three in the Les Belles Matieres range – a fruit, a wood and a floral.

Jasmine seems to be everywhere at the moment, so if you like this sweet, full-bodied floral, you’ll love the India-inspired ‘Madurai’ candle (buy it here). Then there’s ‘Reggio’, a vibrant and juicy mandarin candle in a swimming pool blue glass vessel that instantly transports me to the Mediterranean (buy it here). These sunny, summery candles aren’t what I immediately think of when I think of Cire Trudon (I usually think churchy woods) but I love the elegant uplift of this one.

And finally ‘Tadine’ harks back to the 19th century origins of spicy sandalwood, with a light, cardamom-infused candle. This is my favourite, a calming, almost meditative candle to wind down to at the end of the day (buy it here).

Another new Cire Trudon discovery: the most elegant way to put out your candle. Don’t blow on it, don’t use a snuffer, just ‘push’ it with L’Éteignoir, a chic brass tool that gently hooks the wick into the melted wax to extinguish the flame without smoke. Voila!
Cire Trudon Les Eteignoirs


WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: Cire Trudon
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On my radar: Fornasetti L’Eclaireuse

Fornasetti scented candle L’Eclaireuse in Mistero a woody spicy fragrance

Fornasetti klaxon! Exciting news from the Fornasetti Profumi camp, there’s a brand new scent incoming for autumn. If you like warm, spicy, peppery scents then you’ll love Mistero, which has woody notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and musk as its base, with Incense and pink pepper on top. This isn’t as heady as Otto (the most famous Fornasetti fragrance, created by Olivier Polge), but it still has a ‘Fornasetti’ warmth to it. (more…)

CULT CANDLES: A.P.C, Bella Freud, Diptyque (and the rest)

Diptyque By Emily Faulstich Hawaiian Coconut Tumblr

So it seems the world is divided into those who love fancy scented candles and those who don’t get the fascination. If you do, they can become something of an addiction (ahem). If you don’t, well, you may as well stop reading now. But not all posh candles are created equal. Some (many) are just an easy add-on to a brand’s beauty output; others are so powerful, that they become cult objects in themselves. (more…)