THE DRG STYLE INDEX: Shinola, Hanro, New Balance, Agnes B, Nudie

Here’s the latest weekly DRG STYLE INDEX ranking, a round-up of the brands currently buzzing on my radar…

Nudie Jeans Repair Shop arrives in New York
I love my American denim, but when I was into skinny jeans, I wore nothing but Nudies. It has the best super-dark denim and a thoughtful approach to manufacturing and sustainability. Nudie has just opened its latest Nudie Jeans Repair Shop in New York (188 Bowery, 10012), with full collections of organic unisex denim, as well as its free repairs on your Nudie jeans. The free repair model is catching on with other denim brands, but Nudie has impressively good numbers. Last year, 30,000 pairs of Nudie jeans were repaired and this year it’s expected to be 40,000+. It’s a great way to get people coming back to your store and keep wearing their Nudies…


Shinola celebrates local craft makers with its anti Cyber Monday initiative
I like this idea from Shinola that underscores its keep-forever ethos. Tomorrow it’s saying no to the idea of a Cyber Monday shopping frenzy with ‘Makers Monday’, its in-store demo of slow consumerist hand-crafting that celebrates local makers. In London, we’ll have a series of British makers showcasing their skills at the Shinola London store on 13 Newburgh Street, W1 and there will be similar activities going on in its ten stores worldwide. See more on Monocle.


HANRO 1601 vest in bright colours
God knows we need some uplifting colour in the world at the moment, so I’m all over this injection of brights from Hanro. I wear these 1601 spaghetti strap vest tops religiously. The shape is pretty much unchanged since they were first introduced, and the combo of the seamless design in mercerised cotton with delicate satin straps continues to be a winner. To celebrate 30 years of the 1601 vest top, Hanro has just rolled out these six upbeat colours – perfect timing to go under all those 90s slip dresses, no? They retail at £30.50 and you can find them HERE and at Fenwick.


agnes b stamps for red cross

Stamps and Agnès b – two things that I love. I actually meant to post about these beautiful stamps a few weeks ago and they seem even more poignant now in light of the Paris attacks. Agnès b has created these French stamps to benefit the French Red Cross. The booklet of five stamps is being sold in post offices and Agnès b boutiques across France with a percentage of the price donated to the French Red Cross. Read more on WWD.


New Balance 3D printed trainers
It’s taken a bit longer for 3D printing to reach the consumer market than we imagined. But the trainer brands are way ahead of the game, with New Balance the latest to reveal a trainer with 3D printed technology ready for market. In April, it’s releasing the first high performance running shoe with a 3D-printed midsole, available in Boston to coincide with the Boston Marathon. 3D printing enables faster, more efficient manufacturing with less waste and in this case, results in a lighter shoe. 3D printed trainers also lend themselves to customisation, but for New Balance, that’s some way off. But it suggests that some customers will be able to customise their 3-D printed midsoles as part of a trial program in 2017. Read more at Fast Company.

WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl
IMAGES via Nudie, Shinola, Hanro, WWD, New Balance

Is it time for turn-up jeans again?

I must say, I felt terribly pleased with myself a few months ago when I unearthed a barely-worn pair of (ahem) Hobbs biker boots circa 2003 from the forgotten depths of my wardrobe. It made a welcome change from the Converse-and-jeans rut I’d unwittingly got myself into. When you spend your days haring around London from one appointment to another in all sorts of weather you can’t really cut it in 4-inch Chloe heels.

Biker boots feel fantastically practical and protective, yet rebelliously cool at the same time. What I have noticed is I’ve been turning up my (straight-legged Nudie) jeans oh-so-slightly in order to show off the buckle, as without that essential detail I could be wearing any old generic work boot. Which makes me wonder, as the biker girl look takes off – witness all the leather jackets and biker boots in magazines and stores from Gap to Burberry –will we see a return to turn-up jeans? Last time we had the turn-up trend it was all about showing off the selvedge seam on your limited edition, uber-rare Japanese denim jeans, and the time before that it was the eighties-copies-the-fifties look channelling Marlon Brando in The Wild One.

As someone who will always champion the androgynous look over anything overtly sexy, I reckon this one’s a goer. After the boyfriend jeans and the high-waisted flare, let’s welcome back the straight-leg turn-up. Keep the turn-up small to elongate the leg and as with any masculine-inspired look, remember to factor in loose, flowy hair, a generous application of eyeliner and a good swipe of lipgloss.