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Quote of the day: Nile Rodgers

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“Your jeans would wear out in the crotch area – and we’re wearing very low rise, low waisted jeans – so you’d put the patches right where you want the girls to look. It was all stratgetically done. It was all done so that a girl would walk into a room and couldn’t help but look there. In retrospect, I now know that is what I was doing. At the time you’d say, “No, I’m just mending these jeans because they’re torn or they’re ripped.” But somehow they were always torn and ripped in the exact right place.”

Nile Rodgers on the mating rituals of 70s fashion, GQ

Pop stars and their rollerskates

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Loved seeing these photos of Chic’s Nile Rodgers rollerskating in his kitchen on his blog.

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