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All about Marc Jacobs’ make-up line

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We’ve finally got a first look at Marc Jacobs’ make-up line, launching at Sephora in August.

The range is extensive and colourful because Jacobs think ‘natural is a little lazy’. There will be foundations, concealers, powders, lip colours, eyeliners, eye shadows, nail polishes and bronzers. And it looks as if they’re going to market some of the products as unisex, including the Lip Lock Moisture Balm, Brow Tamer Grooming Gel, and Remedy Concealer Pen (maybe we’ll see Harry Brant in the ad campaign). Continue reading

Marc Jacobs’ Bookmarc comes to London

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This year I feel like I’ve bought more coffee table books than clothes. Books feel like a justafiable luxury as they’re educational as well as beautiful objects. For example this work of art:

Good news for bibliophiles like me then, that Marc Jacobs is opening *has opened a London outpost of his Bookmarc store in the basement of Marc by Marc Jacobs in South Audley Street. This store has always sold a great selection of art, fashion and photography books but Bookmarc will sell even more in its own designated area. As Marc Jacobs’ Robert Duffy says, “I find that people are buying [books] and they’re not questioning why they’re buying it. When you want a book, you want a book, and there’s a certain satisfaction you get. You can’t wait to get home to look at it.” Too true. Even better news; there’s a Paris branch to follow…

*UPDATE: According to Vogue, the store is already up and running

[Top photo: WWD]

Weekend in Paris: Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs at Les Arts Decoratifs

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Despite the intensive schedule of shows and fashiony events, I made a big effort to see some exhibitions in Paris. Of course, I had to start with a fashion one so off I went to the Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs exhibition at Les Arts Decoratifs. As expected, I found myself more drawn to the first half of the exhibition which explores the innovation of luggage-maker Mr Louis Vuitton himself. This was a fascinating history and design lesson and showed great exhibits like the original ‘Never Full’ bag (below) and the trunk that turns in a bed. The giant animation was also quite something to behold. Continue reading

Louis Vuitton’s design legacy

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Like Cartier, Louis Vuitton has produced a ‘fashion film’ that celebrates the brand’s heritage. Unlike Cartier’s lavish epic of special effects, Louis Vuitton has chosen to tell its story through animation. It’s pretty cool…

Christian Borstlap: Louis Vuitton I on Nowness.com.

The film celebrates the launch of the ‘Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs‘ exhibition that opens in Paris on Friday. Included in the Marc Jacobs part of the exhibition are a feast of multi media displays including a giant Tumblr page that will show some of the images and objects that makes up Jacobs’ style aesthetic. The Louis Vuitton part highlights the innovation of Louis Vuitton the man, who worked with the newest materials of the time and used design to answer a traveller’s needs (hence a trunk that turns into a bed – sheer genius). While Marc Jacobs has undoubtedly done some great things for Vuitton (hello Sprouse graffiti print), his style of design doesn’t really answer problems in the way that the original Vuitton designer did. I would love to see a guest project where industrial designers create LV fashion items that really have a useful function other than in addition to making us look pretty.

Marc Jacobs to Dior? Phoebe Philo to Louis Vuitton?

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What would happen if Phoebe Philo did go to Vuitton? Might it look bit like Sofia Coppola for Vuitton? A bit like this*…?

*Celine dress with Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton shoes

Disney and Louis Vuitton to collaborate?

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An article in the FT this weekend examined the current flurry of high fashion and Disney collaborations. As well as recent collaborators Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Mawi and Chopard (who will launch a lavish €30,000 Mickey-themed collection in October), Disney’s vice-president of European consumer products, Marc Low revealed a couple of wish list names that Disney would love to partner with. “We would love to work with Marc Jacobs,” said Low, “he takes so much inspiration from the character world. Louis Vuitton is also a brand we’d love to work with for handbags.”

Disney are super strict about who they partner with as the company’s successes are built on its wholesome, family image and it steers clear of controversy. While I wouldn’t say that Marc was the squeakiest of designers, I think he would do something spectacular and highly collectible with Disney. It would certainly be preferable to SpongeBob SquarePants.

Who would be your dream high fashion Disney hook-up?

Mulberry’s global push

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Could Mulberry be any more like the British version of Marc by Marc Jacobs (well, creative director Emma Hill did used to work there)? The youthful styling, the quirky branding, the cult status handbags, the It Girl following … it’s certainly ticking all the right boxes. Continue reading

First look: Louis Vuitton London Maison

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When I mentioned the opening of the Louis Vuitton UK flagship to D (aka Mr Disneyrollergirl) on Tuesday, he didn’t hide his disdain. “I’ve seen it. I passed it yesterday, it looks like something out of Dubai airport via Stanstead. Deeply tacky,” was his damning assessment. He may have curled his lip.

The Louis Vuitton Maison is the most expensive luxury goods shop ever opened in London. Yves Carcelle, worldwide boss of the brand won’t put a figure on it but speculative guesses suggest at least £30million was spent on this temple to consumerism. And yes, it does score high on the glitz-o-meter. This 1500 square meter space boasts a watch shop, a sunglasses shop, a lit-up glass staircase and an entire wall of vintage suitcases – and that’s just a wee part of the ground floor. To highlight Vuitton’s relationship with contemporary art, there are priceless artworks by the likes of Gilbert & George, Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons. For the opening, Brit artist Michael Landy has been commissioned to create a mad sculpture that draws doodles and cuts up credit cards. All around are dotted mini piles of art tomes and there is even an art bookshop in the middle of the first floor (but sadly an embargo meant no photos).

Next to the bookshop is a small exhibition space which currently houses a Katie Grand-curated arrangement of mannequins wearing a ‘greatest hits’ mish-mash of Marc Jacobs for Vuitton outfits, complete with bags on their heads, ho ho! Actually, the fun factor is the best bit about the store. “I said, ‘I’d like to make a store that when you went in you wouldn’t mind spending half a day in there, rather than getting the bag and getting out’,” architect Peter Marino told the Evening Standard. “If people are nice enough to come in, you owe them a good time. Why go shopping if it’s not fun, glamorous, different?” By the way, the store design is all Marino’s work, Marc Jacobs doesn’t get involved in shop-fits.

From the humorous Louis Vuitton planets orbiting an area devoted to logo hair clips and bangles, to the mechanical sliding shelves that play peekaboo with handbags and scarves, to Murakami’s martian sculpture, there are plenty of playful elements that bring a bit of wit to the serious business of luxury. They certainly help to make luxury accessible, as do the offer of affordable knick knacks from keyrings, to sunglasses, to a £5 George Orwell paperback sold in the ‘librarie’. The store opens tomorrow. Tacky or not, the customers are sure to flock.

The wall of vintage trunks
The plastic planets
Takashi Murakami’s Kiki
At the ‘bag bar’, these cubes slide from left to right in a playful puzzle
More sliding panels in the scarf area
A wall of animal-print scarves, a work of art in themselves
Flower-lined monogrammed wallets
Naturally, the floor is logo-ed
Monogramming kit
Ugh, let’s not talk about these…
The Katie Grand exhibition

Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton

The Michael Landy sculpture
A console table laden with art books in the lift lobby
Vintage furnishings throughout

Yep, a piano in the shoe department. Of course!

I had to delete my bookshop photos but I found this one on a blog. There are all manner of art and photography books including some of my favourite artists – Elizabeth Peyton, Martin Parr, Bridget Riley, Tim Noble and Sue Webster

UPDATE: Watch the sliding wall in action!

The emperor’s new clothes

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I am fascinated by the new autumn/winter 07 Prada collection. It’s so horrific and ugly and unflattering, yet Miuccia’s influence is so great, the looks will somehow filter down in a less extreme form and change the direction of fashion. Ditto Marc Jacobs. I hated his spring/summer 07 collections for Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, yet he clearly knows what he’s doing so they’re bound to have an influence on future fashion. It will all become clear in time…

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