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Beauty trial: Crème de la Mer discovery collection

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Creme De La Mer Discovery Collection

Crème de la Mer
, the holy grail of skincare – a load of snake oil or worth the hype? Because there is a lot of hype around this brand. I’ve tried (and been converted to) The Lip Balm (£42) and The Intensive Revitalizing Mask (£105), both of which deliver excellent results. But the legendary crème had until recently evaded me… well, hello, it’s £105 for the smallest pot!

Admittedly I’ve never needed serious skincare. I’m lucky to have young-looking skin, few lines and managed to get by on the stuff in a big blue pot that my mum used. But as I’ve got older, I’ve noticed uneven skintone, a few stubborn spots and just general not-looking-its-best skin.

Enter the Crème De La Mer Discovery Collection, a trial set that’s pretty comprehensive and gives you a taster of the Crème De La Mer magic ingredient, a.k.a the Miracle Broth. (Back story: the Miracle Broth is the ferment that founder Max Huber created that blends sea kelp with a cocktail of vitamins and other nutrients. Legend is that 60 years ago, aerospace physicist Dr Huber created the concoction in a quest to prettify his own burn scars. His unique biofermentation process uses light and sound to give the ingredients their magical properties.)

In the set you get a trial-sized 1ooml foaming cleansing gel and 15ml Regenerating Serum as shown in the main picture above. You also get a 30ml pot of Moisturising Cream. (You actually get to choose which version, of which more later.) (Note: the Moisturising Cream in the pictures is a lot smaller, a 7ml sample size.) Plus you also get The Tonic (100ml) and The Eye Concentrate eye cream (5ml).

The idea is you get to try the whole regime for £230. My pics went a bit wrong but below you can see The Tonic, and the eye cream plus three mini samples of moisturiser. While there are three versions of moisturising cream available; the classic cream, a lighter ‘soft’ cream and a moisturising cream gel, you only get one in your set depending on your preference. IMPORTANT NOTE: The one you get is bigger than this –  a 30ml pot, not these 7ml samples.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

I went with the Moisturizing Cream as I like my creams quite rich. You use the cleansing gel on damp skin, rinse with tepid water, pat dry, then follow by the tonic and a pump of serum. Then the moisturiser goes on. With the Cream there’s a technique – you have to warm it between your fingers until it’s translucent then press (not rub) it into your skin. You do this ritual twice a day. I guess it’s a bit like the Clinique 3-step system but with a serum as well. The idea of a ritual does compel you to stick to a routine, I stuck to mine for three weeks until my mini press sample pot of Cream ran out.

The verdict? The spots on my jawline and hairline that have plagued me for months have cleared a lot and I also feel like my skin looks clearer and more even-toned overall. Is that because of these products in particular, or from just having a regular routine? Hard to say. I will say that I liked the serum and moisturiser more than the face wash and tonic. I think I just prefer more creamy or oily cleansers and I’ve never really used toner before. However, I loved the eye cream, like using sliced cucumber (with a yummy smell to match) – great for tired blogger bedtime eyes.

If I was going to spend on full size anything it would be the eye cream and the serum. Both feel luxurious to use and seemed to make a difference and with the eye cream especially, a little goes a long way. In all, a starter set like this is a good way to give a regime or brand a go and if you decide you don’t like the whole lot, you can cherry pick the elements you do like without a major wasteful spend. The discovery set came out just before Christmas (mine was a press sample) so seems to be sold out online but I’m assured it’s still available on counter at Harrods. Which for a luxury brand like Crème de la Mer is probably a good thing as you can then benefit from the knowledge and advice from the counter staff before splashing out.

CORRECTION: This post has been updated with amended size information

The DRG Antwerp shopping guide

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T Koetshuish Antweerp vintage store

I had a very naughty start to the year, choosing to bunk off LCM and go on holiday instead. Tsk indeed! I definitely recommend it though. We picked Antwerp for our city break, our flight was half empty and the three days dawdled by at a pleasantly snail-like pace. We went with no great plans other than to mooch around flea markets, eat moules and just enjoy some we-time. OK, we didn’t have much luck on the flea market front but I did discover a wealth of brocante vendors, vintage boutiques and fancy goods emporia to satisfy my shopaholic tendencies. Here then, is my DRG shopping guide to Antwerp…

I advise catching the early Friday flight from City airport so you arrive with a whole day stretched out ahead. Taxis are a bit of a faff in Antwerp so we decided to do everything on foot, taking the scenic route from our posh B&B (the beautiful BOULEVARD LEOPOLD, separate post coming soon) in the Jewish quarter. Continue reading

Scent of a rose

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Tim Walker Roses

Much as I love my niche, masculine fragrances (welcome back Helmut Lang), there’s no denying that timeless florals and fruity orientals are the biggest money spinners. And that’s for good reason – they have popular appeal. Rose is the exception to my no-florals rule, especially the current crop of rose scents that are a bit greener and fresher… Continue reading

Introducing Atelier Vlisco RTW SS15

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Atelier Vlisco SS15

Bold plans are being forged at Vlisco, the Dutch textile company whose wax prints have been the toast of African fashionistas for over a century. If you don’t know the name, you’ll undoubtedly recognize the prints. They’re what we consider traditional ‘African’ prints even though they orginated in Indonesia before being adopted by the powerhouse that is the Vlisco manufacture, based in southern Holland.

While the prints have traditionally been sold by the yard to be made up by personal tailors into one-off garments, the brand is moving into off the peg territory. Continue reading

CULT CANDLES: A.P.C, Bella Freud, Diptyque (and the rest)

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Diptyque By Emily Faulstich Hawaiian Coconut Tumblr

So it seems the world is divided into those who love fancy scented candles and those who don’t get the fascination. If you do, they can become something of an addiction (ahem). If you don’t, well, you may as well stop reading now. But not all posh candles are created equal. Some (many) are just an easy add-on to a brand’s beauty output; others are so powerful, that they become cult objects in themselves. Continue reading

First look at Chanel Burlington Arcade – the beauty boutique

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1 Chanel-Burlington-arcade-beauty-boutique-disneyrollergirl

Oh yikes, Christmas is only four days away and the cut-off for most online deliveries has pretty much passed. This article in the Evening Standard made me chuckle as I’m such a grumbler about the inconvenience of online shopping, it just isn’t quite there for me yet. So if you still have shopping to do, there’s no option than to hit the stores. And this is where Chanel Burlington Arcade comes in.

Burlington Arcade is quite the prettiest shopping arcade in London. There’s been a bit of a rebranding of it lately, it’s become more of a mini Bond Street, with luxury newcomers such as Barrie knitwear and Maison Michel (both owned by Chanel) moving in, and last Friday’s opening of the latest Chanel beauty boutique. Continue reading


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Here’s the latest weekly DRG STYLE INDEX ranking, a round-up of the brands currently buzzing on my radar…


It’s not just me that’s crazy about Tiffany’s new ‘T’ line of minimalist T-motif jewellery. Created by design director Francesca Amfitheatrof, it has helped push up profits for the jeweller which reported a sales uptick of 5%. P.S, if you’re in the market for a new style crush, watch Amfitheatrof in the Google hangout above… Continue reading

Chanel No 5 for the bath, the body and the senses

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Ready for some OTT indulgence? If not now, then when? Chanel just keeps delivering with the brand extension pampering products – latest is this cache of Chanel No 5 goodies for ‘the bath, the body and the senses’. That translates to a loose body powder (£50), a body cream (£60) and even a bath soap (a virtually a steal at £22).

Personally I’m most seduced by the soap – who even uses bar soap any more? Continue reading

Ask Alison: How beauty brands are getting up close and personal with digitised stores

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Here’s the latest ‘Ask Alison’ post from retail expert and DRG contributor, ALISON BISHOP, looking at the emergence of interactive digital stores coming from the premium beauty sector

Bobbi-Brown-beauty-store-Covent Garden

It’s official; Covent Garden has become London’s Beauty Quarter when it comes to stores. Luxury brands Chanel, Dior and Burberry all opened mini beauty flagships here in the last couple of years while Marc Jacobs followed recently with its Tweet Shop pop-up. Now prestige beauty brands Clinique and Bobbi Brown (above) are experimenting with new, highly personal store concepts. Continue reading


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Here’s the latest weekly DRG STYLE INDEX ranking, a round-up of the brands currently buzzing on my radar…



Get ready for a very cool Disney collaboration with Danish brand Wood Wood coming to London. Wood Wood chose to stretch and distort classic 30s cartoons of Mickey Mouse, printing the designs on clothes and accessories for men and women. The prints are quite subversive so I’m surprised Disney gave it the go ahead – it’s known for being extremely protective of the brand’s imagery. Continue reading

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