L’Objet launches ‘Apothecaire’ beauty

Apothecary by L'Objet

2016 has been the year of diversification. Magazines pivoting into events, fashion bloggers transitioning into travel and lifestyle and, um, tableware brands dipping a toe into beauty. That last one sums up a new direction for L’Objet, best known for stunning desk and homewares and a frequent appearer on my Pinterest.

That said, it’s not too much of a jump from home decor to candles (which launched a year ago) to the newest arrival, a bath and beauty sub-brand called Apothecaire. Featuring five products in three scents, there’s a room fragrance (that you can spray on yourself), a hand and body wash, a tablet soap, a hand and body lotion and bath salts. The bottles are made from UV-blocking black violet glass and the natural ingredients are designed to ‘nourish the body and lifts the spirits’.

L'Objet Bois Sauvage Soap

And they do! I like what founder Elad Yifrach said about his candles, “it makes you want to dip a finger in the wax and apply it on yourself”. And the same goes for the Apothecaire products. At the launch at The Conran Shop, we all dived in, smearing ourselves with aromatic body lotion and inhaling the bath salts (I promise you, the spicy citrus Bois Sauvage scent needs to come with a health warning, it’s intoxicating). The Cote Maquis room spray is my favourite though. It’s so good, I’m having trouble leaving the house…

Bois Sauvage room spray

WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl
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