Lucian Freud

Sotheby’s: Woman in a white shirt

Lucian Freud Woman in a White Shirt, portrait of the Duchess of Devonshire

I’ve just discovered Sotheby’s’ brilliant new series of short films, ‘Treasures from Chatsworth’, celebrating the art collection at Chatsworth. My favourite so far is Woman In a White Shirt, unpicking the muse and story behind Lucian Freud’s portrait of the Duchess of Devonshire. (more…)

Easter reading: Man With A Blue Scarf

I’m planning to give my brain a rest this week, avoid meetings and catch up on some reading. Man With A Blue Scarf by Martin Gayford is a diary about sitting for a Lucian Freud portrait…

Lucian Freud remembered by David Hockney

I really enjoyed reading thisΒ beautifully descriptive story by David Hockney, on sitting for Lucian Freud…

[Image credit: Harper’s Bazaar]