Lady Gaga

London Fashion Week: Philip Treacy’s Michael Jackson extravaganza *VIDEO*

Fashion people are hard to impress and fashion people going to a Philip Treacy show are harder still. Why? Because we have seen the ultimate in Treacy show fabulosity before and think it can’t be beaten. But yes it can and it just was. (more…)

The genius of Harper’s Bazaar’s fashion-music-supermodel sandwich

It’s a long time since I got this excited about a magazine cover but Harper’s Bazaar UK has done it for me. A few months ago, there was a flurry of excitement on Twitter as editor Lucy Yeomans dropped hints about a groundbreaking Harper’s cover shoot she had been on. Duran Duran was mentioned, supermodels were mentioned and, well, that was enough to pique my interest*. (more…)

Foundation course

With Lady Gaga on everyone’s radar (including mine, surprisingly) there’s no denying that the eighties revival is in full, hell-let’s-go-for-it flow. And nothing declares ‘eighties’ more than a Lycra body/leotard/all-in-one (well, apart from fluffy perms and frosty lipstick and I’m so not going there). (more…)