THE DRG STYLE INDEX: American Apparel, Blouse, Connolly, Crabtree & Evelyn and more!

Here’s the latest weekly DRG STYLE INDEX ranking, a round-up of the brands and industry stories currently buzzing on my radar…


Los Angeles Apparel from Dov Charney
So American Apparel has relaunched, following its Chapter 11 bankruptcy last November. Now owned by Canadian manufacturer Gildan, the website secretly relaunched last week, although not everything is made in the U.S.A. And just to confuse things, former AA owner Dov Charney has also launched his new brand. Called, um, Los Angeles Apparel, above, it looks similar to its predecessor and will be available worldwide “soon”, according to its Instagram.


Blouse by Geoffrey Finch
Lovely to see the return of Geoffrey Finch (previously creative director at Topshop and Antipodium) with his new label, Blouse. The debut collection consists of gender-neutral tees and shirts with eye-catching details, all made in London. Buy it at


Connolly England blazer and shirt dress

If you ever get a chance to visit the Connolly store in Mayfair, just do it! It’s the most sublime retail experience, with tactile fabrics everywhere, the lushest leather goods, bespoke furniture and in-store photography exhibitions. It’s like visiting your most tasteful friend’s quiet-luxe apartment where everything’s for sale. If not, check the line out at, where you can just catch its late summer staples. I recommend the short sleeve wool-linen knit top and the cotton poplin Mandarin collar shirt dress.


Crabtree and Evelyn
Beauty stalwart Crabtree & Evelyn has had some sort of rebrand and it looks so much more appealing. (Thanks British Beauty Blogger for the heads up.) I’m a hand cream nut, so I’m tempted by every one of these now they’re in sleek but colourful packaging. Buy it here.


I’m torn between reading a book and filling my head up with shit… “I’ve been doing it for a couple months and it’s worked. I’m reading, like, three books right now. I’m putting something in my mind. It feels so much better than just reading the Internet and not remembering anything.” via Time

Bally remembers the outstanding styling of NYC’s Guardian angels

Artist Cindy Sherman’s new Instagram account has caused quite the media stir. Are these macabre selfies a commentary on our narcisstic culture? She won’t explain so you’ll have to make your own mind up

Closer to home, former Vogue editor Alex Shulman broke the internet with her holiday bikini selfie. When people used to meet Shulman, they would express surprise that she was the editor of Vogue because she didn’t dress like a fashion victim. She would laugh, “Well I am the editor of Vogue, so this is what the editor of Vogue looks like!” With her candid snap, she’s making a bold statement about body positivity and how we present ourselves and should be applauded

For the best nostalgic streetstyle, revisit the digital archives of my fave style documenter, anthropologist Ted Polhemus

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Richard Prince vs Ivanka Trump – fake art?

Richard Prince Ivanka Trump

Art provocateur Richard Prince made a different kind of art statement this week by ‘denouncing’ a work of art he once sold to Ivanka Trump. (more…)


Here’s the latest weekly DRG STYLE INDEX ranking, a round-up of the brands currently buzzing on my radar…


“#GucciGram is a starting point to tell different stories, which are all united by great freedom. Today creativity is often born and finds its voice in digital media, a vital source of visual culture.” Alessandro Michele With its #GGBlooms and #GGCaleido prints, which layer a dazzling floral bouquet as well as an ever-shifting geometric pattern inspired by the eponymous kaleidoscope over classic double-G print fabric, Gucci underlines our new cultural reality. Namely, we’re all on the Internet, all the time. The way we consume visual art has changed. We don’t need to wait to go to a museum anymore. We just open Instagram on our smartphones and have immediate, intimate access to brilliant photographers and artists around the world who post their work as soon as they create it. Inspiration is drawn as easily from 19th-century Florence as it is from 21st-century technology. Everything is a remix. #GucciGram takes place in this cultural collision. The artists #AlessandroMichele has chosen all take different approaches to Instagram, but what they have in common is their ability to use the Internet to disseminate new forms of imagery. At the forefront of cultural innovation, these artists have chosen to create work on their own terms and present it directly to their audiences in a subversion of the old indirect relationship of artists, curators, and viewers. Gucci on Instagram shows us that we can seek out our own creative voices online and approach culture voraciously. Text by @kchayka

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dreamy maximalism was made for Instagram, so whoever came up with its current #GucciGram campaign deserves a gold medal. (more…)

Ask Alison: What’s the deal with Insta-Fashion Week?

Misha Nonoo ss16 Insta Fashion show

Here’s the latest ‘Ask Alison’ post from DRG retail editor, ALISON BISHOP, on how the fashion industry is acclimatising itself to a Fashion Month season where insta-shows, influencer-clicks and on-demand eyeballs are the new goals.

Now that livestreaming has become commonplace and you may as well watch your favourite show at home out of the rain (in London), the focus has shifted to livestreaming with the added bonus of tracking followers. Since Periscope burst onto the scene in March this year, with Burberry, then Dunhill, Belstaff and Marc Jacobs all using the Twitter-owned platform to beam shows, backstage tidbits or Q&As to live global audiences, the industry is changing its mind about the question of exclusivity. (more…)