The DRG Style Index: Maharishi, Grenson, influencers, Beautycon, Decléor

Here’s the latest weekly DRG STYLE INDEX ranking, a round-up of the brands and industry stories currently buzzing on my radar…

Maharishi gorpcore eco utility fashion
Maharishi is back on my radar, enjoying a revival thanks to the emergence of something called gorpcore. Good to see the 90s originator of utilitywear-as-fashion (OK, alongside Stone Island et al) get its dues.


BeautyCon London
Lots of articles floating around at the moment about the power of Beautycon. The beauty conference has tapped into the zeitgeist of ‘community’ by putting influencers and YouTube gurus at the heart of the event rather than brands. It’s all about hysteria when it comes to what Beautycon calls the Pivotal Generation. “Real influence is about hysteria, and what we do is scale hysteria,” Elyssa Starkman, Beautycon Media’s head of content told Business of Fashion (sub req).


Just when I thought I couldn’t love Decléor any more, the botanical beauty brand opens its first U.K. store right on my doorstep. One of the great things about the new Westbourne Grove boutique day spa is its digital magic mirror. You can have a ‘Face Shot’ massage that’s filmed and emailed to you so you can repeat the steps at home. It costs £15 for 15 minutes redeemable against products. (I had the brow and eye lift to target my ‘elevens’.) For the record, my top Decléor picks are the Intense Glow Awakening Cream and Aromessence Neroli facial oil serum. Check out the treatments here.


Grenson x Haeckels 2017
Congratulations Grenson on two beautiful new fragrances. I had a really nice chat with Grenson founder Tim Little at the launch, who explained how he wanted to partner with someone who aligned well with the Grenson brand values and thus picked Margate brand Haeckels (of seaweed-based skincare fame). He then introduced me to Haeckels founder Dom who relayed the story of first meeting Tim while wearing his favourite battered-to-death Grenson boots. Gotta love a genuine collaboration, right? That aside, the fragrances are outstanding. Queen Street is named after the Northampton Street where the original Grenson factory lived and is infused with botanical and woody notes topped with a honey sweetness. Elizabeth Street is the address of Grenson’s New York store and serves up a unique blend of coffee, lime, coriander and leather notes. Both are deliciously ‘unisex’ but Queen Street is the one I’ve been loving all week. Bonus: Mr DRG is a fan too. Buy them here.


Selena Gomez Coach influencer
A long winded but interesting read on celebrity influencer marketing. As with certain influencers, it’s ‘funny’ how once a campaign is over, you never see an actress in that designer’s clothes again…

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At the Glamour Beauty Festival, pamper power brings the promise of a better you

Glamour Beauty Festival - Estee Lalonde By Shaun James Fox

Girls with halo braids, silver glitter lips and elaborate winged eyeliner throng the stairwells of The Saatchi Gallery. Immaculate scarlet mouths match the distinctive red cloth goody bags that weigh down shoulders. Mums, 20-something daughters and a pre-teen future #girlboss or two queue patiently for yet another panel debate or free makeover. Welcome to day two of the Glamour Beauty Festival, where all who attend are here to self improve, whether in terms of physical wellbeing, inner serenity, career goals or just a bit of jolly pampering. (more…)

Quote of the day: Bob Colacello

The business of being an influencer

“If everybody’s promoting themselves and everybody has two million hits or followers… it’s like if everybody’s famous then nobody’s famous. All of these selfies, where are they going to go? Where are they all going to end up?”
Bob Colacello in WWD’s article on the Business of Being an It Girl

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
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Quote of the day: anon

Does influencer marketing work? Photo by Tommy Ton

“I asked them what they were good at. And they said, “Nothing.” We’ve gotten to the point that if we have a meeting with them, and we ask what they do, and they say “influencer,” we don’t hire them. If they say photographer, we do.”
An anonymous social media marketer speaks out on influencer marketing in Digiday. The comments are worth a read too…

IMAGE: Tommy Ton/