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Contrasts and contradictions at the London Edition hotel

Posted on by Disneyrollergirl

The-London-EDITION-Ingo-Maurer sphere-light

Does London really need another luxury hotel? Probably not, but the new London Edition in Berners Street hopes to offer something different. Berners Street is an odd one. At one end is the Sanderson Hotel and Alison Jacques Gallery while the other boasts the not-so-posh end of Oxford Street and the Topshop HQ. Continue reading

A Staycation at the Sanderson

Posted on by Disneyrollergirl

Oh boy, wasn’t summer a bundle of laughs? Rain, riots, recession woes, more rain. And a packed schedule meant no holiday in sight. Thank God for the Sanderson Hotel then, who eased my pain somewhat by inviting me on an overnight ‘staycation’. Continue reading

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