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What to buy from Selfridges Agender

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Is ‘Agender‘ the new normcore? It’s a new word to get our heads around but it’s essentially not a new concept. It’s Selfridges‘ description for the current vogue for gender-neutral dressing, in which we take away the gender stereotypes around clothing and just wear what we feel like. Not ‘he’ or ‘she’ but ‘me’.

The Agender concept launched in the Oxford Street store last Thursday, with dedicated areas designed by Studio Toogood, the creative practice of Faye Toogood. So ‘menswear’ and ‘womenswear’ product is jumbled together and merchandised as ‘Agender’, along with a few extra brands and designers bought in specially.

Even the visual merchandising has been turned on its head with product displayed in unbranded cloth garment bags and archive boxes, stripped of the usual clues of branding and trends. A bold move surely! Instead, to draw customers into these chickenwire enclosures, there are abstract sculptures and artworks to ponder and, hopefully, provoke into some trying and buying action…

My favourte pieces include the Bodymap bags printed with their signature star print, gorgeously crafted utility-wear by Faye Toogood’s own label, Yang Li’s sweats and obviously, everything Comme. There’s a big focus on young streety London labels such as Nasir Mazhar and Astrid Andersen as well as the likes of Nicopanda and Yang Li. To accompany what’s in store are eye-catching windows devoid of traditional mannequins, a pretty cool video and a programme of accompanying in-store events. Wonder if it will catch on?

WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl
IMAGES: Selfridges; Disneyrollergirl

New in: Grenson AW14

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New season Grenson shoes are starting to drop and they’re amongst the boldest incarnations of trad-looking English footwear I’ve seen lately. I love that so many of these men’s styles also come in women’s sizes.

Monk shoes are still going strong. Continue reading

Grensons for girls

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Gentlemanly shoes continue to storm the international runways (hello Haider Ackermann) which means it’s a good time for Grenson to launch its first full womenswear line. Crucially, the women’s shoes take their lead from the men’s range, being only a whisker slimmer than the men’s lasts but essentially the same styles. Continue reading